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64 hypto crypto

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Looks retro but dressed with carbon fiber Flex Rails and a regular 3 fin setup. The sight of Hypto Krypto took him back to when he was younger. For Craig Anderson, shorter and aesthetically weird surfboards have that unclean and almost cheating personality to them. He took it out one time to try it out on shallow banks and that started his relationship with Hypto Krypto.

He rode with it everywhere and anyone who saw him with it was convinced it was the next best thing to ride. Just this single picture alone is enough to convert you to turn into Hypto Krypto. I mean, look at how they both make surfing look easy? For Craig, his experience with Hypto Krypto made him not want to have other board under his feet.

Hypto Krypto made serious drops when you commit to them. He gets a bunch of paddle speeds, waves. It rides fast and it just suits his surfing. And, other famous riders who have tried it for that matter? At least, according to its shaper, Hayden Cox. Hayden was shaping a couple of twin fins that had the same traditional wide swallowtail designs and he felt they went too straight.

His solution was to grab the same design, add his semi-gun rounded pintail, blended the curves, and to his surprise, it worked. The best shapers know that when you pull the tail, move the wide point forward of to the middle, give it a straight rocker, and allow it to rely on the curve of the outline make maneuverability. What makes the two different is that Hypto Krypto brought this genre to the new generation.

They are suited to elite level riders down to the everyday surfer. Well yes and no. And yes you can surf this board in a huge range of conditions — from sloppy waist high beach breaks to pumping tropical reefs, as Craig Anderson so beautiful demonstrated.

A friend who used the Hypto Krypto for a while when it was first released and is certainly a much higher level of surfer than myself! Yes, you can use this board in a wide range of conditions, but the compromise is that you can pretty much write off top to bottom surfing. And many of these have built on the core features that made the Hypto such a groundbreaking surfboard, but have refined them and in many cases made even better options.

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