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Metzgerei ambrose bettingen paul

Hauser Leopold, clothier, E 7th. Hauser Louis, cigar mnfr, E 3d. Haycock John, wood yard, cor 5th and Robert. Hazzard George H, freight and ticket agt Iowa route, cor 3d and Jackson. Heard I V D, lawyer, cor 3d and Wabasha. Heath Owen, broom mnfr, Jackson.

Heber John, saloon, E 7th. Heck Jacob, saloon, 57 E 7th. Heck Peter, blacksmith, 14 W 4th. Heck Philip, barber, W 3d. Heidenrich Ernst, blacksmith, E 7th. Heimann Isadore, clothier, 82 E 3d. Helland John, saloon, 37 E 4th. Hemenway L H, physician, 97 W 3d. Henriksen Andrew, Tailor, 11 W 3d. Hennig Charles, tailor, 65 W 5th. Henschel Adolphus, confectioner, Fort. Henshel August, merchant tailor, E 7th.

Herzog Daniel, Saloon and Billiards, Jackson. Hess George E, grocer, E 7th. Hewitt Girart, real estate, 26 E 3d. Hicks John H, restaurant, 31 Jackson. Hildebrand Carl, shoemaker, 78 St Peter. Hill Mrs Louise, furniture, E 7th. Hirschy Charles, general engraver, 87 W 3d.

Hirst Mrs Elizabeth, intelligence office, 18 W 5th. Hoag Miss Margaret, milliner, W 3d. Hoffman Adam, barber, St Peter. Hoffman L P, grocer, Fort. Hoffmann Peter, saloon, 13 Sibley. Hofmeister Carl, shoemaker, E 7th. Hohn Charles, saloon, 80 Wabasha. Hollinshead Edmund R, lawyer, 2 E 3d. Hood John A, boots and shoes, 14 E 3d. Horeish John, boots and shoes, Fort. Horn Henry J, Lawyer, 11 Wabasha. Homer Charles, shoemaker, Wabasha. Hornung Frank, brewer, Washington.

Horst Charles L, stoves and tinware, St Peter. Hummel Mat, saloon, cor 9th and St Peter. Ilingworth Wm H, photographer, 79 E 7th. Iltner Christian H, cigar mnfr, 62 Jackson. Isaacs Leopold, Wholesale Cigars, 53 Jackson. Itin Matthias, hardware, groceries, etc, west end Bridge, 6th ward. Jackson Andrew, saloon, E 7th. Jackson W N, grocer, 29 E nth. Jans Theodore, propr Washington House, W 3d.

Jansen Heinrich, saloon, 85 St Peter. Jerome Peter, restaurant, 57 Robert. Johnson Bros, gunsmiths, 82 Robert. Johnson Charles J, saloon, E 7th. Johnson Wm R, fancy goods, E 7th. Tones John, veterinary s. Jones John P, bleacher, W 3d. Jones Miss J J, milliner, 38 W 3d. Jones Mrs J P, dressmaker, W 3d. Jones Thaddeus C, hatter and shirtmaker, 5 E 3d. Judd Henry T, job printer, n e cor Jackson and E 6th. Kaelble J Friederich, shoemaker, E 7th.

Kahlert Justus, machinist, 58 W 7th. Kahlert J C, dyer and scourer, N 3d. Kampfer F, tailor, 95 E 4th. Kauffmann John, wagonmaker, 82 Oak. Kaufman David F, saloon, 77 Robert. Kearney Mrs Sarah J, confectionery, 97 Robert. Keil Wilhelm, Saloon and Birds, 5 Peal. Keller John M, lumber mnfr, n w cor E 7th and Minnesota.

Kellermonn Heinrich, merchant tailor, E 7th. Kellogg M N, notions, toys, etc, 48 E 3d. Kelly Daniel, boarding house, W 3d. Kelly Francis, saloon, 50 E 4th. Kemper Heinrich, flour and feed, 83 Rosabel. Kennard Frederick A, laundry, cor 3d and Minnesota.

Kennedy James, barber, 88 Robert. Kennedy Mrs Mary, boarding, 65 E 6th. Kerr Charles D, lawyer, n w cor 3d and Robert. Kersch Cornelius, merchant tailor, Jackson. Kerst Peter, wagonmaker, 22 Ramsey. Kieffer Jacob, meat market, 68 W 7th. Kiely Edmund, saloon, cor Minnesota and 4th. Kiemen John, baker, E 7th. Kimball Charles R, ticket broker 27 Jackson.

Klein John, saloon, 96 Wabasha. Klerner John, saloon, 96 Wabasha. Klerner John, saloon, Jackson. Kloos John, meat market, W 3d. Knauff August, saloon, 37 Wabasha. Knight Augustus F, architect, 3 W 3d. Koch Louis G, saloon, 54 W 3d. Koch Matthew, grocer, 58 W 7th. Koempel Henry J, sign painter, 2 1 W 3d. Kohl John, second hand goods, 1 94 W 3d. Kohlman Louis, carpenter and builder, 1 23 Exchange.

Konzem Matthias, grocer, E 7th. Krahmer E F, house and sign painter, 76 W 7th. Kramerath Charles, flour and feed, 96 E 5th. Kreyer Carl, merchant tailor, Robert. Kuck Heinrich, baker and confectioner, E 7th. Kuhl Matthias, grocery and saloon, Bridge 6th ward. Kuhn Michael, cigar mnfr, St Peter. Labelle Edward, shoemaker, cor St Peter and 14th. Lains Augustus, grocer, Fort. Lamb George, meat market, Jackson. Lambrecht Franz, grocer, cor 3d and Commercial. Lambrecht Friedrich, grocer, Mississippi.

Lamprey Morris, lawyer, 2 E 3d. Lamson George W, insurance agent, 40 E 3d. Lanberg Peter A, fruits and confectionery, E 7 th. Lang Henry, fancy goods, 66 Wabasha. Lange Francis E, jeweler, cor 3d and Washington. Langevin Edward, grocer, West st, 6th ward. Lanoux Anthony, grocer, 36 Rosabel.

Lapsa F G, grocer, Fort. Laroche Jacob, saloon, 6 Franklin. Larpenteur E L, collecting agent, 70 W 3d. Lauenroth John C, carriagemaker, Pine. Laurent George, architect, 3 W 3d. Lawton David, bootmaker, 39 Wabasha. Lawton George O, dentist, Ingersoll Block. Le Clair Francis X, saloon, 95 Robert.

Lehmicke Albert, grocer, Mississippi. Leininger Michael, barber, 75 Robert. Leith Mrs Adda, vegetables, Public Market. Leitner John C, bootmaker, 67 Washington. Lemon John J, book and job printer, 26 Minnesota. Leveraas John, saloon, E 7th. Levy Michael, clothing, 89 E 3d. Leyde Frederick A, machinery depot, 89 E 6th. Leidman John, painter, Sibley. Liggins Wm, saloon, 9 Robert. Lindeke Wm, flour mill, 4th bet Kittson and Brooks.

Linstad Berginus, saloon, E 7th. Lohlker Adam H, carpets, E 7 th. Loth John, tailor, 73 Robert. Lower Wm H, cigars and tobacco, W 3d. Lown Schlam, laundry, Jackson. Lufsky Robert, confectioner, St Peter. Luhrsen Christoph, cabinetmaker, W 3d. Luhrsen Frederick, saloon, 24 W 3d. Luley F W, meat market, 88 Jackson. Lunt John, hides, pelts and furs, 10 Jackson.

Luserke Otto Emil, confectionery, E 7th. Luth John, tailor, E 7th. Lyles Thomas S, barber, 7 Wabasha. Lyon Kalamon, clothing, 99 E 3d. Lyons Michael, saloon, Mississippi. Lytle Emmet, Pawnbroker, 41 Jackson. McAfee Hugh J, millwright, Wacouta bet 3d and 4th. McAvoy Thomas F, shirt mnfr, 15 E 3d. McCarthy C M, lawyer, 33 Wabasha. McCarthy Jeremiah C, grocer, Bridge 6th ward. McCormick Thomas, grocer, n e cor Rice and Summit ave. McGrath Wm L. Mcintosh John F, meat market, 79 Robert.

McKenny Edward, livery stable, 56 Wabasha. McKinney Edward, livery stable, 58 Wabasha. McManus Patrick, grocer, Wabasha. McMasters S R, druggist, W 3d. McMillin James T, pork packer, E 7th. Maass Albert, saloon, 62 W 3d. Macdonald James, confectioner, W 3d. Macklett Mrs Caroline, milliner. Madden John, shoemaker, Fort. Magee George W, restaurant, 14 E 3d. Magraw Charles E, Dentist, 79 Jackson. Mandeville Lawrence, confectioner, 93 Jackson. Mannheimer Bros, dry goods, 7 E 3d. Manson A G, real estate, 5 W 3d.

Mark John, cigar mnfr, 61 Wabasha. Martenkie Ludwig, millinery, W 3d. Martin John, barber, Metropolitan Hotel. Martini Rudolph, baker, E 7th. Marty John, meat market, E 7th. Marvin R F, insurance, 10 E 3d. Masterson Henry F, lawyer, E 3d. Matheis John, carpets and wall paper, 1 1 E 3d. Mattock Brewer, physician, Moore's Block 7 Corners. Mayall Samuel, real estate, 10 E 3d. Mazanec Miclase, shoemaker, Fort.

Mehl George, carpenter and builder, 90 E 5th. Meier Alois, saloon, Jackson. Meirer John, saloon, St. Meisel John, boot and shoemaker, 73 W 7th. Menk Bros, commission merchants, 77 Jackson. Merrill Daniel B, pawnbroker, 87 E 7th. Merritt Charles, dentist, Moore's Block 7 Corners.

Metz Henry, meat market, E 7th. Meyer Heinrich J. Meyerding Heinrich, furniture, 54 W 7th. Milham Edward H, books and stationery, E 7th. Miller B P, house painter, 25 E 7th. Miller Bros, Cigar Mnfrs, 79 E 3d. Miller Mahlon D, insurance, 1 3 W 3d. Miller Theodore H, saloon, 1 76 W 3d. Miller Dr Wm H, druggist, cor 4th and Exchange.

Minor Joseph M, flour and feed, Jackson. Mitchell George, saloon, 91 St Peter. Mitchell Hugh, meat market, 6 City Market. Mohr Christ, merchant tailor, 44 Jackson. Moll Emil, saloon, 27 E 7th. Mollers Matthias, saloon, W 3d. Montgomery H B, restaurant, 97 E 3d. Monti Miss Mary, dressmaker, 20 E 7th. Moore Wm S, lawyer, E 3d. Morong Joseph H, carpenter and builder, Robert. Morrison Carrie, cigars and tobacco, E 5th. Moser A M, confectioner, 46 Jackson. Moss A B, grocer, W 3d.

Moss Henry L, lawyer, 5 W 3d. Moulton George, saloon, 38 E 4th. Mueller Peter, grocery and saloon, E 7th. Munger R C, musical instruments, 71 E 3d. Myler James, propr Kingsbury House, Fort. Nabersberg John W, Physician, 45 E 3d. Nachtsheim Henry, baker, St Peter. Nicollet House, E Dunn, propr, E 4th.

Niederhoefer Jacob, saloon, Cascade nr Stewart. Niehaus Wm, merchant tailor, 85 Jackson. Nolan John, bootmaker, 63 Wabasha. Northrop Frederick W, news depot, Merchants Hotel. O'Brien James F, lawyer, cor 3d and Wabasha. O'Connell J, horseshoer, 59 Minnesota.

O'Connor John, hotel, 61 E 4th. O'Connor Wm, restaurant, cor 3d and Kittson. O'Donnell John, carriage mnfr, Exchange. O'Neill John, shoemaker, 20 E 7th. O'Leary John J, pork packer, W 3d. O'Regan Patrick, saloon, 78 Robert. Officer Harvey, lawyer, cor 3d and Jackson. Olson Louis, millinery, E 7th. Oppenheim A, real estate, 76 E 3d. Orbison Robert A. Ormond Mrs Mary, intelligence office, 57 Wabasha. Overpeck Reuben, livery and sale stable, 96 4th.

Parker Theo E, Lawyer, 37 Wabasha. Partridge Geo W, painter, 33 E 6th. Pasel Otto C, photographer, 29 E 3d. Patterson Merrill B, dentist, 7 W 3d. Patterson Robert H, dentist, Jackson. Peacock John, boots and shoes, Fort. Pealock Charles, saloon, 86 W 3d. Penner John J, commission merchant, 12 Jackson. Perkins Andrew L, carriage mnfr, rear Custom House. Peters John, saloon, Wabasha.

Peters Joseph, saloon, 98 St Peter. Peterson Mrs J, saloon, cor Rosabel and 4th. Pfaender Wm, State Treasurer, Capitol. Pfister John, Jeweler, E 7th. Phillips Henry, cigar mnfr and tobacconist, Jackson. Pieper Ernst, boots and shoes, 4 Mississippi. Pierce S L, lawyer, 33 Wabasha. Pinckney Bros, glove mnfrs, 12 W 3d.

Polson O, bootmaker, 9 W 3d. Popp Christian E, merchant tailor, 76 Wabasha. Potter Samuel, furniture, 99 Jackson. Pottgieser Nicholas, propr American House, cor Wabasha and 4th. Pottgieser Nicholas, jr, saloon, 55 Wabasha. Powers Bros, Dry Goods, 91 E 3d. Prendergast Bros, hardware, stoves, etc, 44 E 3d. Prescott Morgan A, pawnbroker, 48 W 3d.

Presley George, Saloon, 17 E 3d. Price David C, dentist, 6 W 3d. Prince John S, lumber, real estate and insurance, Broadway. Radcliff A M, architect, Ingersoll Block. Rank Theodore, sign and fresco painter, 83 W 3d. Ray W, physician, 85 E 7th. Reardon Timothy, carpenter and builder, Minnesota. Rebholz Nicholas, meat market, Bridge 6th ward. Redmond Mrs J, millinery, 56 W 3d. Reimers John H, grocer, Virginia 6th Ward.

Retzmann Heinrich, grocer E 7th. Richeson William, physician, E 7th. Richter Fred, wholesale liquors, 88 E 3d. Riede Pius, saloon, 12 E 3d. Ringwald Anna C, coefectionery, Fort. Robertson D A, real estate, 13 W 3d.

Robinson H. Robinson T C. Rochart George, jeweler. Rochette Stephen, furniture, 13 E 7th. Rogers Hiram, sec'y Chamber of Commerce, 15 W 3d. Roger's Hotel, John Roger, propr, 51 Robert. Rogers J N, lawyer. Rosenband Burkard, optician, 61 E 3d. Rosenkranz Mrs Maria, soda water mnfrs, 63 Market and 9 Washington. Ross Peter, tent and awning mnfr, cor Robert and 4th.

Rithmeyer John, saloon, St Peter. Roy LMA, physician, 70 W 3d. Rusche Peter, grocer, 37 Mississippi. Ruzicha Frank, saloon, Fort. Ryder Merrill, dealer in furs and wools, 55 Jackson. St Germain Francis, livery and sale stable, 91 E 6th.

St Mars Alfred, meat market, 5th st, 6th ward. St Paul Agricultural Works, 31 W 3d. Plow Mnfrs, 79 Jackson. St Paul Warehouse and Elevator Co. Salsbury Guy, saloon, 97 E 3d. Sanford David, lawyer, 37 Wabasha. Saroni H S, professor of music, 29 W 3d. Sauer Casper, saddle and harnessmaker, 76 Minnesota. Swanson Thomas, grocer, E 7th. Sclade Frederick H, saloon, cor Fort and Webster.

Scheibe J Eberhardt, grocer, cor Lafayette and Westminster. Scheld George, saloon, Fort. Schell Thomas C, physician, 44 Washington. Schiffinann Rudolph, Physician, 69 E 3d. Schiler John J, shoemaker, St Peter. Schillo John, grocery and saloon, St Peter. Schmidt Conrad, restaurant, 40 W 3d. Schmidt Mrs Emma, milliner, E 7th. Schmidt Louis, fur dresser, Exchange. Schmidt Wm, wholesale liquors, 25 Robert.

Schnaith Frederick, meat market, E 7th. Schneider Julius, meat market, Martin bet Park ave and Rice. Schnitzius Jacob, saloon, 12 Washington. Schonarth Peter, saloon, Wabasha. Schott Caspar, grocery and saloon, in Mississippi. Schrantz Peter, saloon and boarding, Wabasha. Schreil John, boots and shoes, 1 Fort. Schroder Henry, taxidermist, W 3d.

Schroder Henry H, mnfr furniture and coffins, 10 and 12 E 6th. Schuler August, cigars and tobacco, 33 Wabasha. Schultz Frederick J, millinery and fancy goods, 55 E 3d. Schumacher Frederick, saloon, W 3d. Schumann Abraham, meat market, Bridge 6th ward. Schutte Diederlch, Commission Merchant, 76 Jackson. Schwartz Mrs Maria, millinery and fancy goods, E 7th. Schwarz Anton, catholic book store, 59 W 9th.

Scott Peter W, flour and feed, 15 E 7th. Seeger John, Contractor and Builder, 24 Market. Seibert Leonard, dancing academy, and E 7th. Seng Wm, saloon, 18 Chestnut. Shannahan Mrs Margaret, boarding house, 6th ward. Sheehy John W, grocer, cor Rice and Martin.

Shepard J W, shirt mnfr, 14 E 3d. Sherwood George W, contractor and bridge builder, 80 Robert. Shirk Elwood W, livery and sale stable, cor 4th and Sibley. Siebert Philip, saloon, Bridge 6th ward. Sigo Marcellen, barber, Jackson.

Simmer Jacob, grocer, 12 Mississippi. Simmon Karl, druggist, cor 3d and Market. Simmons E S, insurance, 31 W 3d. Simons J, physician, cor Isabel and Owatonna. Simonton T D, dentist, 30 E 3d. Skok Thomas, meat market, Fort. Smith Edward G, Dentist, E 7th. Smith Edward G, job printer, n ecor Jackson and E 7th. Smith Mrs Electa B. Smith Harry A, saloon, 29 Jackson. Smith Henry, mnfr jeweler, 15 Wabasha. Smith Lewis B, fruits and confectionery, 53 E 3d. Smith Nathan, saloon, 97 Jackson.

Somers John, tailor, 32 Minnesota. Spiel Charles, seeds, lime and cement, E 7th. Squires George C, lawyer, 28 E 3d. Stahl Adam H, grocer, Rice. Stamm G, physician, 93 W 3d. Staples Isaac, lumber mnfr, Sibley. State Arsenal, St Peter. Stauble Adam J, Saloon, Fort. Stees Bros, furniture and undertakers, 5 1 E 3d. Stephenson Oscar, lawyer, 33 Wabasha. Sternberg Alexander, clothing, W 3d. Sternberg Samuel, clothing, E 7th.

Stewart Jennie, cigars and confectionery, 94 W 3d. Stewart J H, physician, 7 W 3d. Stockton Robert J, barber Merchants Hotel. Stone Louis, boarding, 16 E 7 th. Store Robert, Physician, 64 Cedar. Stormer Wm F, confectioner, E 7th. Strahlien John, grocer, 75 Dayton ave.

Stridborg Joban A, Photographer, in E 7th. Strouse Alexander H, dry goods, cor 3d and Wabasha. Strutzell John, bootmaker, 49 Robert. Sulzbach Sylvester, cigar mnfr, 40 Jackson. Swain Allen, photographer, 71 E 3d. Sweeny Robert O, druggist, 7 W 3d. TenEyck Mathew C, merchant tailor, 98 E 3d. Terry Robert G, lawyer, 29 W 3d. Thauwald Peter, saloon, Fort. Theobald Wm, whol liquors, 68 Jackson. Thomas Charles, picture frames, 12 W 3d. Thompson A M, restaurant, 13 Wabasha. Thompson Mrs Louise, books and news depot, in Jackson.

Thomson John, books and stationery, 68 Wabasha. Thorp F A, mnfr insect powder, 1 1 1 W 3d. Thorwarth Jacob, bootmaker, 89 E 5th. Thruwold William, saloon, E 4th. Tillmann William, blacksmith, 80 Franklin. Timme Hermann A, grocer, St Peter. Timpin August, saloon, 64 Jackson. Trask Abby J, dressmaker, 94 Wabasha. Treasure Edwin, Boots and Shoes, 94 Wabasha. Turrell Orlando B, banker, 88 Wabasha. Ullmann Joseph, hides, pelts, and furs, 65 Jackson.

Underwood Russell S, confectionery, 59 Wabasha. Underwood Walter H, lawyer, 11 Wabasha. Upman D, propr Cosmopolitan Hotel, 7 Corners. Benton McGahan, Edward M. Heard, John R. Irvine, R. William J. Murnane, Sarah vs. John Ricks, Joseph vs. Francisca Johnetto, Clara vs. George C. Lattie, Julia E. Golfelter, Mary E. Jones vs. George Lautenschlager, Mr. Allen, Arne L. Weed, Frederick H. Warwick, Victor M. Watkins, Will O. Washburn, Lawrence G. Washington, Eli S. Warner, Reuben Warner, Jr.

Warner, Albert P. Ward, James R. Walsh, Edward F. Walsh, Charles Wallblom, Charlie C. Young, John Wagener, Michael W. Waldorf, Frederick P. Wright, John Wright, Edward B. Young, George P. Ziegler, Edward P. Sanborn, John E. Zollman, Edward O. Zimmerman, Edward Zimmerman, Charles A. Zimmerman, Lee W. Young, Elbert A. Young, Ambrose Tighe, Conrad C. Dion, Capitol Steam Laundry-L. Anderson, Edward M. Reimringer, Frank J. Scharfbillig, Raymond J. Aamodt, Leonard C. Reed, Edward W. Zavakee, William F.

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Bromley, Charles Haggenmiller, Edward H. Biggs, A. Ingersoll, Whitney's Gallery, D. Broughear, B. Braden, S. Whitcher, R. Wharton, David Ramaley, Thomas J. Berkey, R. Galusha, Mark D. Keller, Walter B. Kelly, Fayette D. Kirk, Patrick H. Kirwan, Arthur S. Konantz, Edward G. Lang, Nathaniel P. Langford, Howard Lankester, Rollin A. Lawes, Daniel William Lawler, Rev. John J. Lawler, Charles G.

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Markham, Frank A. McCormack, Julia A. McMurran, Henry C. McNair, Francis A. McPherson, Fred E. Meade, Henry A. Merrill, Edward A. Meyerding, George B. Moore, Lyman A. Moore, Michael R. Morgan, William F. Morsman, George R. Morton, George C. Mott, Marcus D. Nachtrieb, James Nankivell, Jr. Nash, George A. Neely, Frederick E. Nelson, George M.

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Paul Ambrose is no different. Or rather, two brothers: a trailblazing, peculiarly wizened older brother and a goofy, idealistic younger brother—all in one. Ambrose used his charm to work the health policy system to his best advantage, racking up accomplishment after accomplishment in his short but wildly successful life. A native of Huntington, West Virginia, Ambrose stayed close to home for medical school, graduating from Marshall University School of Medicine in It was at AMSA where he really began to flex his health policy muscles.

He knew that knowing this policy exists is not enough—you have to know what to do with it. He had wanted to enter a residency program with a health policy component, but none existed at the medical school at the time. So Ambrose, in his typical fashion, created his own health policy learning experiences and began to forge a close relationship with former Surgeon General C.

The story goes that his mother burned dinner that night. Later, Ambrose worked with Dartmouth in his post-residency years to form the public health and family medicine program in which Harker now participates. Ambrose was successful at meeting new people and making things happen. But Ambrose may have reaped something better.

He could talk to one person about health policy, and then he could go talk to someone else about astrophysics.

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