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Agstafa rayonu icra basics of investing

Later, Shamkir was part of Ganja khanate. In , Shamkir was occupied by and annexed to the Russian Empire. During the Russo-Persian War of , Shamkir was one of the frontlines where Russian troops defeated the Persian army on September 3, In the first half of the 19th century, Russian Tsar relocated a large number of German colonists to Caucasus, placing a big community in Shamkir.

From that time on until , Shamkir was called Anino, after which it was renamed Shamkhor. It was renamed again to Shamkir in Government and economy One of the vineyards in the Shamkir district The Shamkir district is one of the largest agrarian districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, covers The major part of the employed population works in agriculture, industry, construction, trade, and public services. The basis of the economy Shamkir is dependent on agriculture.

Poultry raising, cattlebreeding and silkworm breeding are major branches of agriculture. Agricultural machinery production, grape processing plants, construction plants constitute a big part of the economy. Wheat , barley , corn , grapes , onion , cabbage , tomato , cucumber , aubergine , sunflower , potato , viniculture, and livestock provide the main agricultural output.

Electricity is received through power generation at Shamkir Hydroelectric Power Station on Shamkir reservoir which processes water from Kura River and also provides Shamkir and surrounding rayons with irrigation water. The new reservoir in the rayon will double that capacity and will come online in The total value of output in the economy of district during the first half of was around thousand AZN, and industrial products alone thousand AZN.

Total volume of gross product per person amounted to AZN. During the first period of , through the National Fund for Entrepreneurship Support, , AZN state loans were issued to Shamkir region, creating 17 new jobs at the expense of these loans. According to statistics of , jobs were created, of which were permanent and were temporary jobs. Shamkir Hydroelectric Power Station on Shamkir reservoir provides Shamkir and surrounding rayons with electricity and irrigation water.

In any unemployment benefits program, overpayments can occur, either as the result of intentional fraud, or as the result of miscalculations or other errors. The answers on these screen shots are examples, please select the answer that best applies to you. Next Section. You should only access this site if you received a letter from the Delaware Department of Labor directing you to this site.

Get contact details or leave a review about this business. Appeals Board W. Q: Are PUA payments taxable? PUA is a federally funded program providing 39 weeks of unemployment benefits for workers not otherwise eligible for Pua payments az Pua payments az. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA, is a federal program available 9 months, 1 week ago Please check your login credentials and try again. Search Arizona's white pages to look up people, addresses, phone numbers and more.

If this was the only issue on your claim, you should see the resolution and payment soon. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA : Provides benefits to those not traditionally eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Let's treat everyone with respect. Pua arizona reddit Pua arizona reddit. Did anyone with direct deposit get their PUA deposited today yet? Unlike other SBA relief funds, there will be fees attached. For questions about PUA, please call for assistance with your Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and regular Unemployment claim.

PUA benefits will no longer be available after the week ending December 26, The program provided support for Americans who were unable to work due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but did not qualify for traditional Unemployment Insurance UI.

If not how do I file for back pay dating from March 15th to current. Can you help? Were you scheduled to start a new job that has since closed or curtailed operations due to the direct result of the ExtendPUA. PUA Overpayments. Job Search Form. PUA is only available from the week ending February 28, through the week ending December 26, BİY I did get my check but it's only for 3 weeks like everyone else's.

OUI is making changes to the PUA claims process that will require additional information and affect how you request future payments. Posted by 5 months ago [Arizona] PUA payment info. View your case history and upcoming case activities,. Because of a lack of clarity on the application form for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA benefits, a small percentage of PUA claimants mistakenly over-reported az pua payment in progress meaning, Phil.

Box Access the PUA Portal home page for your status as usual. Check payment status. The State of Arizona is committed to providing interested parties accessible financial information. The PUA program is available retroactive to February 2, through September 4, and provides benefits to eligible individuals. You do not need to contact DES to resolve this issue. We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Cassiemarie Modina. The 5 million ongoing recipients as of Sept.

Do not send cash. This website provides you with objective information and advice. ExtendPUA is a volunteer run organization. Pua Aloalo, the state flower of Hawaii. In Arizona, PUA relief allows for up to 0 a week for a total of , a month. Many of these issues deal with your "separation," which is the reason you became - and continue to be - unemployed. The final payable week is the benefit week ending September 4, The terms are much more in line with traditional loan terms.

Arizona has a separate portal for applying for PUA claims. However, claimants may be eligible for reconsideration of a denied PUA claim based on expanded allowable reasons provided by the Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act of Continued Assistance Act. If you have an existing PUA claim as of December 27, , OR you file a new initial PUA claim before January 31, , and you are paid PUA benefits on or after December 27, , you must provide documentation within 90 days of the application date, or within 90 days of receiving notification whichever is later.

About Pua Date Payment Az. On the other hand, the strategy worked and now I have this lovely digital ebook that will hopefully help thousands of other people. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Arizona … Company. The department said Monday and Tuesdays are their busiest days and there. About Arizona Reddit Pua. We work hard every day to get paid, so it's important to use them wisely. General eligibility requirements. PUA provides up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits to a wide swath of American workers that includes everyone from manicurists to Uber drivers; freelance writers to independent contractors.

I've heard people have gotten a lawyer involved and gotten their money a week later. About Portal Az Pua. Wisconsin Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides high-quality health care coverage, long-term care, and other services to over one million Wisconsin residents. Arizona Department of Economic Security.

About Open Pua Az Issues. Help men become the kind of guy that women want to sleep with and obsess over. If claimants have filed for back weeks and are still owed benefits, these payments will catch them up. It finally went away after many calls. UI Client advocate: As industries in Arizona begin to reopen, some of the workers who have been off for more than a month never received unemployment benefits. No Comments on pua az login. The last week PUA benefits are available is the week ending December 26, The date you could start collecting these benefits depended on when you were directly The federal PUA program was created through the CARES Act to expand eligibility to those who are self-employed, , gig workers, contractors, and those who lost their job as a direct result of COVID, but were not eligible for regular UI under South Carolina state law.

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA program is taking important steps to protect your identity and to make sure only people who are eligible for benefits are getting them. It was not based on what you do or do not have uploaded in your portal. The checks will range from , to , Workforce Development. Employees still working but making less than 5 a week qualify for PUA minus their wages. First, apply for regular Unemployment Insurance benefits at www. Privacy Policy.

Redirect to isb. Az Day. Arizona was the first state to send out the 0 bonus on 17 August but has now depleted its funds. In Michigan, a claimant can receive PUA unemployment benefits beginning February 2, , or the first week a claimant was unable to work as a result of COVID, whichever date is later. For Workshare claims, call In , he filed for PUA as a self-employed individual. Meanwhile, the IRS doles out the child tax credit. For Interstate claims out of state, call Note: if the reason you are keeping your student home is due to other COVID related reasons, you should answer Yes to that question, not this one.

Unemployment Insurance. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. You may submit Requests to Know and Requests to Delete in one of the following methods: a by submitting a request online through your ID. Effective Date: Thursday, July 1, May be higher based on earnings in the tax year before you applied.

Copy link. View the Guide to Filing a Claim. The PUA program has been extended to March 13, Include this LinkedIn profile on other websites. EST on May 5, If you have received unemployment benefits on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA program, even if you are not currently getting money, you are required to provide documentation of employment, self-employment, or planned employment they were getting ready to start a job or business.

Purchase now Landing page. PUA included up to 86 weeks of benefits, beginning February 2, The PUA program expired on the week ending Sept. Pua Payments Az. Sign into your online account and click on the Apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance link to complete the process. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Arizona …demokrat. Private Use Areas, in Unicode. The minimum amount of weekly assistance an individual may receive is 3 and the maximum is 8.

Our Mission: Successfully engage children and families to ensure safety, strengthen families, and achieve permanency. Learn how to get , pua unemployment known as pandemic unemployment assistance in English Spanish.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA under Section of the CARES Act provides up to 8 per week for those who ordinarily may not be eligible for unemployment benefits, such as business owners, self-employed persons, independent contractors, and others, that are out of business or whose services are significantly Check out the Unemployment and PUA during COVID community on Discord - hang out with 16, other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Pua Az Active Issues. File your initial PUA claim. About Us. PUA Training was started way back in with one simple idea. PUA claimants had until the week ending Saturday, Sept. When asked to provide your last day worked on your initial claim, remember to input the date your employment became affected as a result of the COVID pandemic.

You must provide the proof within 21 days of the date you filed your claim. Eligible recipients in Pennsylvania can file for. Be Kind and Courteous. Workers in Arizona are counting on money from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program that is slated to start the week of May KİM Am I eligible for PUA? I am receiving other types of payment or financial assistance. Who is eligible for PUA?

Individuals needing assistance with filing should contact the PUA claim center at , , or , Monday through Friday. Calendar of Events. About Az Date Pua Payment. Assistance PUA program which is designed to provide financial assistance to self -employed individuals who are not eligible through the regular unemploymen t insurance program. Ho'ola Na Pua, a non-profit in Hawaii that works to prevent sex trafficking says it's seen a percent increase in services in the last four months.

PUA benefits will be backdated to whenever you first became. PUA Lounge Ideas about pick-up, seduction and relationships. In the Login Information section, enter a. Housing Stability and Utility Assistance Programs. All information contained on ExtendPUA. A special pay increase may be provided to compensate an employee for specialized or extensive training. Individuals who have already received the initial phase of payment will not see the option to certify for the three weeks for which they have already been paid.

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This gives bloggers, mobile an installed of the в for stateful inspection, local activists, they are receives mail technology that. Youve got question any. You're aware don't realize download manager trial version video conferencing April 27. Please follow this feature, button в user feedback.

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Yuksel, A. Moskva, Rusiya. E-mail: mail. Maqalada tadqiqatin eksperiment marhalasinda T. Miiallimlarin pejakar motivasiya istiqamatlarinin diaqnostikasi aparilmijdir. Tadqiqat ijinin materiallan orta maktab va pedaqoji kadrlarin alava tahsili miiassisalarinin rahbarliyinda da maraq dogura bilar.

Aqar sozlar Andraqoqika, reproduktiv va produktiv tadris metodlari, motivasiya, tahsil miiassisalarinin innovativ faaliyyati, tahsil standartlari. DOM 0. Na 1 , CTp. CtaTba nocTynn;ia b peflaKpHto: The concept of motivation is widely used in the field of professional pedagogical education, but the question of the relationship between the motivation of the teacher and the choice of reproductive or research methods of work with adult learners is not sufficiently disclosed.

The purpose of this article is to reveal the connection between the choice of reproductive and research teaching methods by teachers with the direction of their professional motivation. The author describes the results of the study of the correlation between the use of reproductive and research methods by teachers and concludes the focus of motivation and readiness for innovation.

Keywords Andragogy, reproductive and productive teaching methods, motivation, innovative activity of educational organizations, educational standards. JlepHep [JlepHep H. B paOoTax B. ABpeeBa H. ToppeeBa T. MocKBa: CMbicp. Ty3eeB B. HyuiHH n. OcnneHKO A. Phhh III. MocKBa: IOhhth. PoMauiHHa C. CnpeHKO E. Chthhk A. N 2 XeKxay3eH X. Macrepa ncuxoaornn. Baptistaa A. Rothes A.

E-mail: elena-zubova rambler. E-mail: mpnechaev mail. Maqalanin maqsadi gostarilan istiqamatda elmi- pedaqoji tadqiqatlarin tahlili asasinda maktabin tahsil miihitinin tarbiyaedici potensiahnm inkijaf etdirilmasi problemini hall etmakdir.

Tadqiqatin tahlilinin praktiki ahamiyyati pedaqoji tacriibada onun naticalarindan istifada etmakimkam ila muayyanlajdirilir. Pocchh, r. HayK, flopeHT, 3aB. It emphasizes the need to study this issue in the education of students in a modern school. The practical significance of the presented analysis of research is determined by the possibility of using the results contained in it in the mass pedagogical practice.

Keywords Wednesday, environmental approach, upbringing environment, personal development in the environment and education, social diversity. Jla3ypcKHH, n. IlHporoB, H. HHTepec neparoroB B. Bopohob, B. KpyneHHHa, A. TnxeeBa, H. XapuiaMOB, C. UlaTpKHH, h pp.

JlypHH, C. ApKHH, M. BepHuiTeiiH, B. Top6eK h pp. TaK, eipe H. JIokk yTBepzKpaui, hto «r. XapjiaMOB, C. MoHTeccopn, M. HenaeB, M. OMceroB, C. OxceroB, H. HcaeB, E. Yiuhhckhh, K. E-mail: ibnalduais gmail. E-mail: guoyuan. E-mail: mdeng bnu. However, there are still several drawbacks represented by the imbalance between enrolled female and male learners with special educational needs, distributions of schools among rural and urban areas and the huge difference between number of G-l primary school students and G-3 senior secondary school students.

Keywords Special education; educational development; education reform; special educational needs DOI: The LRC model was introduced by Deng and Pei ] as 'the main strategy to universalize compulsory education for children with special educational needs in China after the s' p. In comparison, this picture of special education development in the PRC is not as positively interpreted by outsider researchers. The results showed the following ranking for the four countries: i.

Malinen ] considered this comparatively in his paper. They examined this—using the Teacher Efficacy for Inclusive Practices scale TEIP], which included three variables: efficacy of inclusive education, efficacy in collaboration, and efficacy in managing behaviour. Based on this, the authors believe 'future pre- and in- service teacher education programs should emphasize developing teachers' self- efficacy, particularly collaboration skills' p.

It should be noted also that special education services in the PRC have levels that differ from one province to another. We emphasise on this on the discussion part to see to what extent our findings are different or similar to the existing problems of special education before Given that we will conduct a statistical analysis for the census bureau data of special education between and in the PRC, this would give us an indication for the dream of the PRC towards 'becoming a moderately prosperous society by ' UNESCO, , p.

H 0 : There will be no a statistically significant difference in the total numbers of enrolled male and female students between and at a 5-year interval; H A : There will be H 0 : There will be no a statistically significant difference in the total number of schools in urban and rural areas between and at a 3-year interval; H A : There will be H 0 : There will be no a statistically significant difference in the number of the primary school G-l and the senior secondary school G-3 enrolled students between and at a 5-year interval; H A.

There will be However, we used the database available on the Ministry of Education website for the years , , , and The data provided on the website is divided into three sections for the first 3 years and five sections for the last 2 years see Figure 1]. Since our aim was to statistically examine the available data to determine an indicator for the development of special education between and , we used only the basic statistics profiles for each year.

The raw data were presented differently in and The table 1 illustrates the presentation of the census bureau data retrieved from the website. Design A non-experimental design was used in this study. Data from the census are presented in tables, reflecting the total number of special education schools, classes, graduates, entrants, and enrolled students in terms of either the special education area e.

Results We retrieved census bureau data about special education in the PRC over 5 years, Our selected data were restricted to basic statistics of special education schools, classes, graduates, entrants, enrolment, gender, urban and rural areas. Minitab 17], a descriptive and inferential statistical tool, was used to analyse the data. Having confirmed that our prediction could lead to plausible findings i.

It seems that the gradual increase in these factors, except that for the enrolled students, indicates development in special education in the PRC between and As can be seen from the bar chart, the number of special education schools increased gradually from in to schools in Overall, this significant increase in the number of special education schools between and is an initial indication of the development of special education in the PRC in the same period.

It is clear from the presented data that the number of special education classes increased from in to over classes. This represents increase in enrolment opportunities over this period of time for students with special needs.

Figure [3C] demonstrates the number of special education graduates in the PRC between the years and at a 5-year interval. The largest number of graduates was over 58, in the year Conversely, the lowest number of graduates was that in the year , with less than 45, While the difference between the total number of graduates in the years and might indicate a policy towards improving the quality of special education, it could also indicate school dropout by students with special educational needs due to unknown reasons, which are out of the scope of this paper.

Figure 3D] compares the number of special education entrants in the PRC between the years and at a 5-year interval. This perhaps led the PRC government to decrease the number of enrolment to avoid the problems faced during the first year.

This in turn leads to more graduates and entrants. This in turn led to a higher number of classes. It seems logical that the number of entrants is represented at the highest level, as it is not required for all entrants to graduate in the same year as compared with being enrolled in the same year.

To further examine the development of special education in the PRC between and at a 5-year interval in terms of total number of schools, classes, graduates and entrants of learners with special educational needs, we conducted a one-way AN OVA between subjects.

Another variable of the special education development in the PRC between and is gender. This situation applies also to the number of female students, which slightly decreased during the years , and Similar to the male students, this number recovered in the year Overall, there seems to be two male students for each female student. See the discussion section where we have tried to relate this to population census in terms of gender difference].

An additional variable is the distribution of special education schools in urban and rural areas in the PRC between the years and However, it should be noted that only the data for 3 years are available in the website. Figure 9 shows the distribution of special education schools in rural versus urban areas in the PRC between and at a 3-year interval. As illustrated by the above bar chart, the number of special education schools in the urban area, county-seats and towns is much higher than that in the rural areas.

The number of special education schools in rural areas levelled off during the years and , but gradually increased in the year schools] as compared with only 89] schools in and the same number in County seats - Urban -1 Rural - Urban I-. In addition to the examined variables above, we also proposed that there will be a significant statistical difference in the number of G-l primary and G-3 senior secondary school students.

Figure 11 shows the comparison of the number of enrolled G-l primary school special education students and G-3 senior school students in the PRC between the years and at a 5-year interval. As depicted in the bar chart, the total number of G-l primary students fluctuated between over 45, and 48, students.

It seems that there were 16 G-l students for every G-3 student, except in the years and , where this number gradually decreased to 15 G-l i. Further, a one-way ANOVA was run to examine the difference between the total numbers of the enrolled G-l and G-3 special education students in the PRC between the years and at a 5-year interval.

Though the first two alternative hypotheses did not hold true for all subgroups, the last two were totally accepted. Second, there was a statistically significant difference between the number of male and female students in terms of enrolment. There are four possible interpretations of such outcomes. The number of schools reflected a strategy to establish more special education classes as well. This outcome confirms that the basic special education learning environment was achieved i.

The strategy of enrolling many students with special learning needs in the year was concurrent with many graduates in the same year—possibly indicating the start of the experimental stage of the educational development and reform. Moreover, the noticeable decrease in the number of both enrolled and graduated students with special educational needs in the year might be supporting evidence for this point.

We also did not discover any statistics marking the difference between male and female students with special educational needs. In the third case, we proposed that the reason behind the outcome is that the demographic distribution of the population might be much larger in urban areas, including county and town areas. There seems to be no clear finding or prediction for the reason behind this difference. If it had been related to quality and assurance, then we assume at least a minor difference would have been noticed among the 5 years that were compared.

We propose that both factors might be contributing to such an outcome, in addition to the fact that the compulsory education levels in the PRC do not include the senior secondary school level Wang, ; ; Wang and Xing, ], Given this, a number of implications could be possibly inferred out of these outcomes and their possible interpretation.

In this regard, several studies e. Almost, all reported data is about special education schools and the included services. This limitation is similar to that reported before They maintain that deaf people have ' In this study, we do not take the extreme view which was reported in Kritzer's ; ; that special education in the PRC is over 40 years behind the US. This conflict seems to be due to struggling to catch other developed nations and rushing to proceed them. With this in mind, the PRC government should pay more attention to comprehensiveness, that is, spreading special education schools all over china and making it accessible to Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies.

This should be followed by seeking for the best! Doing them all at once, will possibly result into conflicting situations and repetitive polices that are not fully realised! Conclusions Regarding the plan of educational reform and development in the PRC, we conducted a non-experimental study measuring the development of special education in the PRC between and We used an unobtrusive measure, secondary analysis of census data retrieved from the PRC Ministry of Education website.

Our analysis indicated significant yet minor development of special education in the PRC between and For example, there was a statistically significant difference between the number of schools in and Conversely, there was a large gap in the distribution of the schools in rural and urban areas, with fewer schools in the rural areas as compared with the large number of special education schools in the urban areas and towns.

References 1. Deng, M. International Journal of Educational Development, 27 6 , Instructions for students with special educational needs in Chinese mainstream classrooms: Modifications and barriers. Remedial and Special Education, 28 1 , Kritzer, J. Special education in China. Malinen, 0. Teaching and Teacher Education, 28 4 , Mcloughlin, C. Reflections on the development and status of contemporary special education services in China.

Psychology in the Schools, 42 3 , Pang, Y. Making Connections, 11 2 , Trube, M. Early childhood special education in China. Springer Netherlands. Paris, France. Wang, H. Basic education in China. Zhejiang University Press. Wang, S. Worrell, J. Issues of teacher education and inclusion in china. Prospects, 41 3 , Ijiagirdlarda vatanimizin qadim tarixina havas yaratmaq an qadim sakinlarin yajayib-yaratdiqlari arazilarin tarixi cografiyasimn oyranilmasi, qadim insan izlarini oziinda yajadan arxeoloji abidalarimizin tamdilmasi va tarixi abidalarimiza asassiz diijman iddialarimn p oxaldigi bir zamanda arxeoloji-tarixi va memarbq abidalarimiza maragin artirilmasi ila mumkiindur.

Arxeoloji qazintilar va bunun asasinda qurulan arxeoparklar hazirda diinya olkalarinin qadim tarixinin tab- liginin ayrilmaz tarkib hissasidir. Arxeologiya va arxeoloji qazintilarin naticalarinin birbapa iqtisadiyyata tatbiq olunaraq galirli sahaya pevrilmasina asaslanan arxeoturizm isa durmadan inkipaf etmakdadir. Arxeoparklar arxeoturizm ila ciddi mapgul olan olkalarin maddi mada- niyyatinin, tarixinin, etnoqrafiyasinm ham olka vatandaplarina, ham da olkaya gain'd? Agar sozlar Arxeoparklar, arxeoturizm, arxeoloji qazintilar, ya?

Na 1 ], sah. And, unfortunately, their regular repetition without visual observation creates certain gaps in the correct understanding of the lesson. The fact that Azerbaijan is one of the oldest settlements in the world allows us to teach pupils of the ancient history of our country, study the historical geography of ancient inhabitants, acquaint our archaeological sites with ancient traces of ancient inhabitants and strengthen their archaeological excavations.

Secondary school pupils who are interested in our archaeological, historical and architectural monuments at a time when unfounded accusations of the enemy are growing in our historical monuments are especially important. Keywords Archeological parks, archeological tourism, archeological excavations, settlements, artefacts. Ela unikal abidalarimiz vardir ki, bela abidalara heq bir qadim madaniyyata malik olan olkalarin arazisinda da rast galinmir [Miiseyibli N. Antik Qabala. Arxeoloji qazintilari seyr etmak, arxeoparklan mu?

Umumtahsil maktablarda «Tarix» fanninin proqramlan tacriibadan kefirilmi? Lakin darsda nazari biliklardan farqli olaraq arxeoparklara sayahat va arxeoloji qazintilari izlamak, bir sozla, tacriibi xarakterli proqramlar? Lakin praktikada va arxeoparklarda i? Diinya tahsilinda bela tacriiba movcuddur. Bu statistik raqamlari poxaltmaq da mumkundiir. Amma masalanin mahiyyati, fikrimizca, tarn aydmdir. Uzarinda basma zoomorf tasvirlar olan kiipa fraqmenti Olka rahbarinin bilavasita dastak va qaygisi ila hayata kepirilan «01kamizi taniyaq» layihasi gox ahamiyyatlidir.

Maktab jagirdlarinin rayonlara sayahatlari qarqivasinda proqrama daxil edilan masalalardan biri da rayonlarin tarixi makanlarma sayahat, arxeoloji abidalari gormakdir. Bir fakti da qeyd edak ki, arxeoparklarin sayi pox olan Avropa olkalarinda gostarilan abidalar yalniz son ilin abidalaridirsa, Azarbaycanda niimayi?

Bu sahada har hansi layihani taqdim edarkan poxillik arxeoloji pol tacrii- balarina asaslanmaq lazimdir. Amma Azarbaycanm qadim abidalarla zangin olmasi va buramn sivilizasiyanm markazlarindan biri kimi tanmmasi sovet ideologiyasim qane etmirdi va bunun tabligi qadagan idi. Arxeoloji qazintilari va abidalarimizi canli seyr etmayin «Tarix» fannindan qadim dovrla bagli oyrandiyimiz nazari materiallarm manimsanilmasinda boyuk rolu vardir.

Almammadov X. Baki, EiF, «Miitarcim», s. Babayev i. Azarbaycanda arxeoloji tadqiqatlar Badricahan 8. Eminli C. T, iskandarov E. Miiseyibli N. Azarbaycanda arxeoturizm perspektivlari. Arxeoloji qazintilarin boytik ahamiyyati var.

E-mail: memmedova. Bu baximdan, istar sosial psixologiyada, istarsa da sosiologiyada «qrup» fenomenina olan munasibatin sosial falsafadan qaynaqlandigi gostarilir. Agar sozlar Qrup, camiyyat, obyektiv gergaklik, subyektiv gercaklik, metodologiya, fenomen, sosiologiya, psixologiya, sosial falsafa. This concept is investigated as a social phenomenon in the context of a basic methodological approach to the study of processes in social life by the social sciences.

The study of the so- cio-psychological aspect of a group requires first of all the determination of the significance of the social and psychological aspects. In sociological psychology, the approach to its social and others. Qrup fenomeni ictimai elmlarda miixtalif aspektlardan va farqli metodlardan 91x15 edarak oyranilir.

Bu baximdan, istanilan camiyyatin iimumi asaslarmin oyranilmasi dini-falsafi, yaxud da falsafi-antropoloji problem kimi meydana cpxmisdir. Freydin baxi5lari ila iist-iista dii5urdii. Ollport gostarir ki, Rossla Mak-Dauqalm iki darsliyi yalmz sosial psixologiya elminin yaranmasma sabab olmadi, ham da uzun illar arzinda bu elmda iki asas xattin, sosioloji va psixo- bioloji istiqamatlarin inki5afim 5artlandirmi5 oldu [OjuinopT RB. Ollport camiyyatda ba5 veran proseslarin sababinin sosial psixologiyada ya sosioloji, ya da ki, psixoloji-personalistyana5malar asasmda miiayyanla5masinin hansi anlam da5idigmi bela apiqlayir.

Sosioloji yana5mam Q. Ollport qrup ananalari, sosial struktur, demoqrafik xiisusiyyat va digar amillar kimi izah edir. Personalist yana5mam isa fardin yonali5lari, vardi5lari, 5axsi fikri va s. Lakin Ollport ictimai proseslarin formala5masinda, sosial normalarin miiayyanla5masinda fardin konformistxiisusiyyatini nazara almayan istar personalist, istarsa da qrup yana5malarmin dolgun mahiyyat kasb etmasina 5ubha ila yana5ir [OjmnopT RB. Yani aydmla5mayan du5uncanin, zaiflami5 iradanin mahsulu olan konformizmin ictimaila5manin saglam asaslarma yaratdigi tahliika sosial psixoloqlar tarafindan diqqata almmalidir.

Camiyyatin yanli5 yonlandirilarak idara olunmasmda konformist meyillardan istifada amili ila bagli tahlila amerikan sosial filosofu C. Dyuinin yana5masmda da rast galirik. Bu zaman fard-camiyyat munasibatinin dialektik anlami iiza pixir. Qrup fenomeni ictimai elmlarin problemi kimi Bu istiqamatda formala5an bir-birina zidd yana5malar camiyyatin oyranilmasinda elmi tafakkiir hesab edilan tacrubi biliyin ustiinliik alda etmasinin naticasi kimi tazahiir edir.

Maarif5ilik dovriina qadar monoteist camiyyatlarda dayarlar universal prinsip kimi qabul edilarak, toplumu yonlandirma missiyasim oz iizarina gotiirurdii. Maarifgilik dovriindan etibaran isa anananin niifuzundan imtina edilir va aqlin niifuzu prinsipi irali suruliir. Bu ddvrda empirizmin tabiat elmlarindaki miivaffaqiyyati camiyyatin problemlarinin hallinda da 51x15 yolu kimi goriinmaya ba5ladi.

Naticada, camiyyat elmlarinin biitiin sferalarmda pozitivizmin tasiri ila yenidan formala5ma prosesi gedir va bu dii5iinca axini camiyyatin oziiniin, onun yaratdigi madaniyyatin asaslarimn dayi5masina sabab olur.

Osasi O. Kont tarafindan qoyulan va Diirkheym tarafindan inki5af etdirilan sosioloji baxi5a asasan ictimai qiivvalarin faaliyyat mexanizminin darki topluma hakim olan dini 5iiuru avaz etmak iddiasi ila 51x15 edir. Diirkheym dini ictimai inteqrasiym an ugurlu 5akilda hayata ke5iran ictimai 5iiur va ictimai institut formasi kimi nazardan ke5irirdi. Din fenomeninin sababini isa camiyyatda, kollektiv 5iiurda axtaran sosioloq, dini tamiz ictimai hadisa kimi saciyyalandirir.

Bununla bagli E. Osipova yazir: «Belalikla, fransiz sosioloquna gora, camiyyat-dini kultun va ehkamlarin ham miiallifi, ham da predmetidir, o, dini yaradir va dina itaata paginr, o, eyni zamanda ham Tann, ham da inanandir» [Hctophh ncHxojiorHH. XX BeK. Frank dini dikjuncanin irali siirdiiyii universal dayarlari ontoloji anlamda dayi5maz qanunlar, camiyyatda ba5 veran dayi5ikliklari isa empirik imkanlar kimi xarakteriza edir [OpaHK C. Yeni dovrdan bu yana5manm ictimai 5iiuru yonlandirmasina baxmayaraq, camiyyat elmlarinda vahid metodoloji prinsipin movcudlugunu iddia etmak tamamila yanli5 olardi.

Antipozitivistlar «hayat falsafasi»na asaslanan tarixi maktab tarafindan formala5mi5 prinsiplardan 51x15 edarak, ictimai hayatin faktlarimn tabiati etibari ila manaviyyat hadisasi oldugundan onun tabiat elmlarinin metod va iisullari ila oyranilmasi tendensiyasimn dogru olmadigim gostarirdilar. Inki5af etmakda olan yeni elmi yana5manm qar5isinda bu prinsiplarin sistemla5arak elmda metodoloji asas yarada bilmasi isa miimkiin olmurdu. Yani insan, camiyyat madaniyyat va tarixin darkinin yollarimn bir subyekt kimi subyektin subyekti anlamasmdan kepdiyi iddia edilirdi.

Belalikla da, subyekta olan baxi? Tabiat elmlarinin darketma sahasindaki monopoliyasi subyektin diinyasimn elmi darketma sferasindan kanarlajdirilmasina gatirib pixarir. Alman sosioloqu F. Tonnisin «icma va camiyyat» asarini tahlil edan A. Fillipov gostarir ki, Diirkheymin pozitivist yanajmasinda sosial hadisalarin mahiyyatindan daha pox sosialligin ozii, qrup xiisusiyyatlari xiisusi dnam kasb edir [OepflHHaHfl T.

Qrupu insanlarm adi macmusundan farqlandiran xiisusiyyat yalmz onlarin qarpiliqli tasiri deyil, an asasi iimumi iradanin olmasidir [OepAHHaHA T. Tonnisin yanajmasinda xalis sosiologiya neca ifada olunur? Fillipovun tahlilindan bela malum olur ki, F. Alman sosioloqu orqanik biitovlukdan 91 x 15 edarak ozu-ozunii miiayyanla 5 diran, tafakkiirun sadaca sistemyaratma imkanlarmdan bahralanan iradani «mahiyyat iradasi» kimi dayarlandirir.

Bu baximdan, F. Tonnisin sosialliga metodoloji yana5masinm asasmda biz rasional-diskursiv paradiqmanm deyil, intuitiv va dialektikbaxi5in dayandigim goriiruk. Sosioloqun geni5 anlamda birgaya5ayi5 formalarim, qruplari icma va camiyyat kimi tipoloji olaraq miiayyanla5dirmasinin ilkin 5arti kimi da bu metodoloji yana5ma 51x15 edir. Sosiologiya elminda camiyyati obyektiv ger5aklik kimi qabul edan baxi5la yana5i, ictimai miinasibatlari subyektiv realliq baximmdan tahlil edan elmi- sosioloji yana5ma formala5ir.

Fenomenoloji sosiologiyamn niimayandasi olan Alfred 5 yut s sosial ger5aklik dedikda, giindalik, adi hayat tarzini va ondan dogan konstruktlari realigm 5axsiyyat tarafindan yozulmasi] nazarda tutur ki, bu ger5aklik ii5iin xarakterik olan mahiyyat yana5masidir. Sosial elmlar isa bu ger5akliyin formala5dirdigi konstruktlardan 51x15 edarak ictimai ger5akliyin darkina 5ali5ir.

Sosiologiya ictimai gerqakliyi deyil, camiyyatin formala5dirdigi, yaratdigi mana va mahiyyati oyranmalidir. Avstriyah sosioloqa gora, camiyyat bir obyekt kimi deyil, insan du5uncasinin mahsulu kimi ara5dirilmalidir. Sosial falsafada va sosiologiyada camiyyatin iki farqli baxi5 prizmasmdan tahlili problemi sosial psixologiyada da metodoloji qatinliklari 5artlandirmi5 olur.

Bslinda, bu problem psixologiya elminin formala5maga ba5ladigi andan oziinii gostarir. Psixologiyanm daha qox bioloji-fizioloji yana5maya tabe etdirilmasina baxmayaraq, psixikamn oziinamaxsus hayati alami bu elmin qar5ismda sual olaraq durmaqdadir. Camiyyatin haqiqatlarini «hayat falsafasi»ndan 51x15 edarak tahlil edan Dilteyin yana5masina asasan psixoloji darketmada an vacib amil 5axsiyyatin manavi ruh] hayatmin mahiyyat mazmununu a5a bilmakdir.

Dilteyin yana5masinda insan tabiatinin ali va basit psixi funksiyalar asasmda tahlili xiisusi yer tutur va ali psixi funksiyamn darkinda metodoloji baximdan fizioloji yana5manm prinsiplari asas kimi gotiiriilmiir. Psixologiyada humanist maktabin niimayandasi olan amerikan psixoloqu K.

Rocers fenomenoloji yana5madan 51x15 edarak 5axsiyyatin, camiyyatin darkinda obyektiv idrak formasimn yetarli olmadigim asaslandirir. Rocers amerikan psixologiyasmda asas istiqamatin movcud oldugunu gostarir.

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Sep 01,  · ICHRA The Basics and Why They Might Be Right For You Posted September 1, by WEX Benefits Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Missing: agstafa rayonu. Mar 31,  · Suraxani rayon icra hakimiyyetinin basics of investing Search. Search. Products meeting the search criteria. Product Compare (0). Sort By: Default, Name (A - Z) · Name (Z - . Sep 18,  · Qebele rayonu icra hakimiyyetinin basics of investing: Qebele rayonu icra hakimiyyetinin basics of investing: Providing feedback, are a long as step-by-step required .