einhorn value investing congress speech in class
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Einhorn value investing congress speech in class parx sports book

Einhorn value investing congress speech in class

What is meant by the value investor is waiting would any short term timing. Trying to make short-term forecasts instead of waiting is folly and value investors instead rely on the combined long term effects of a buying with a margin of safety knowing that over the long terms prices will return to the mean.

At Greenlight, when we look at investments, some opportunities are just too hard to assess. We pass on those, even though many may work out perfectly well. We prefer situations that play to our strengths, where we can develop a differentiated analytical edge.

This enables us to make investments where we are confident that the reward exceeds the risk. If an investment is too hard, just move on to the many other opportunities that are not hard. Why get involved in investments where you do not know what you are doing especially when there are other bets where you do? Playing against weak competitors is not a sin in investing or business. There are no bonus points in investing for doing things that are really hard.

And the mindset related to that is very different. But they are efficient enough that finding mispriced assets is hard, especially inside your circle of competence, which narrows the possible universe of bets. When the markets do serve up a mispriced bet an investor should act quickly and aggressively to place a bet if it is within their circle of competence. A number of very successful investors are excellent card players.

It teaches you about partnership and other human skills. In bridge, you draw inferences from everything and that carries over well into investing. The past does not make the future definitive but you can draw from those experiences. I think the partnership aspect of bridge is a great lesson for life. I was playing with a world champion and we were playing against my sister and her husband.

We lost, so I took the score pad and I ate it. At Greenlight 20 percent of capital might be put in a single long bet and up to 60 percent in its five largest long bets. David Einhorn cites Joel Greenblatt as an inspiration for his view.

In any event, volatility is only on type of risk. Some value investors own gold e. While some value investors may buy gold, buying gold is not value investing since it does not fit with the Ben Graham system. Why buy gold when you can buy a partial ownership interest in a real productive business instead of a lump of inert metal? In other words, both good andbad luck can play a part in investing results. But the best investors understand that over time a sound process will outperform.

So the dealer is asking for hits and everybody knows the standard in blackjack is that you sit on a The guy asked for a hit. But in that one particular instance: bad process, good outcome. If the process is the key thing that you focus on, and if you do it properly, over time the outcomes will ultimately take care of themselves.

In the short run, however, randomness just takes over, and even a good process may lead to bad outcomes. You dust yourself off. You make sure you have capital to trade the next day, and you go back at it. This mean out goal is to try to achieve positive results over time regardless of the environment. Does the reward of this investment outweigh the risk? Good relative performance, especially short-term relative performance, is commonly sought either by imitating what others are doing or by attempting to outguess what others will do.

Value investors, by contrast, are absolute-performance oriented; they are interested in returns only insofar as they relate to the achievement of their own investment goals, not how they compare with the way the overall market or other investors are faring.

Good absolute performance is obtained by purchasing undervalued securities while selling holdings that become more fully valued. For most investors absolute returns are the only ones that really matter; you cannot, after all, spend relative performance. Absolute-performance-oriented investors usually take a longer-term perspective than relative-performance-oriented investors. A relative-performance-oriented investor is generally unwilling or unable to tolerate long periods of underperformance and therefore invests in whatever is currently popular.

We expect someone in his position to be able to identify inside information when he receives it and to act appropriately. His failure to do so is a serious breach of the expected standards of market conduct. It is highly damaging to market confidence when privileged shareholders commit market abuse, and the high penalty reflects the seriousness of his breach. In his presentation Einhorn opined that the market for Green Mountain's new Keurig single-cup coffee brewer was "limited", and that the K-Cup coffee pods for the machine presented a "looming patent issue" for the company.

He also said that Green Mountain had a "litany of accounting questions". Blanford cited a "number of factors including changes in wholesale customer ordering patterns in our grocery and club channels" for the underperformance of the company. The stock had a run up to in Nov , before its final pricing in the 90's, prior to the company being sold. Apple Inc. He said, "A business that burns cash and doesn't grow isn't worth anything.

David Einhorn is Democrat , [40] and has contributed to Democratic political campaigns, [41] in contrast to his parents, who are Republican donors. Fox Foundation.

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Some of my MDC analysis was correct: it was less risky than its peers and would hold-up better in a down cycle because it had less leverage and held less land. But this just meant that almost half a decade later, anyone who listened to me would have lost about forty percent of his investment, instead of the seventy percent that the homebuilding sector lost. I want to revisit this because the loss was not bad luck; it was bad analysis. I down played the importance of what was then an ongoing housing bubble.

On the very same day, at the very same conference, a more experienced and wiser investor, Stanley Druckenmiller, explained in gory detail the big picture problem the country faced from a growing housing bubble fueled by a growing debt bubble. At the time, I wondered whether even if he were correct, would it be possible to convert such big picture macro-thinking into successful portfolio management? Smart investors had been complaining about the housing bubble since at least As we mentioned just weeks ago, we're not buying gold silver for inflation protection but to protect ourselves from the destructive behavior of the world's central bankers - most notably, America's.

Of course, gold should do very well if there is a sovereign debt default or currency crisis. I conclude that picking one these currencies is like choosing my favorite dental procedure. And I decide holding gold is better than holding cash, especially now, where both earn no yield. The banks had the US taxpayer via Federal Reserve to bail them out We'll send a query to Zimbabwe to find out.