2022 masters betting pools
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2022 masters betting pools

But Matsuyama truly was that guy a year ago. If you find a similar name at decent odds this year, you bet on that guy and you don't tell a single soul about that guy until the ticket cashes. That's your guy and no one else's. For me it's … gotcha. I'll never tell. That means you're going to see all the press conference quotes, all the Todd Lewis interviews and all the "Live From" banter between Brandel Chamblee and company.

You're going to hear a lot of "I love this place" and "I feel at peace driving down Magnolia Lane" and "I'm swinging it so well" from the players. Newsflash: Everybody feels good at Augusta National, but just because they say it doesn't mean you should run directly to your mobile sportsbook and bet them. Stick to your plan, mix in a few gut plays and do not get caught up in pretzel-brain mode on Wednesday night during your third rewatch of "Live From," no matter how good Brandel's hair looks when he's saying whatever he's saying.

DO: Constantly check the live odds throughout the week — Unless you have beginner's luck, chances are your original betting card might not look so squeaky clean on Friday evening. I'm not saying start adding a bunch of guys mid-tournament and blow all your money, but make sure to always check the live odds board to see if you can catch a huge number on a guy who is only five or six shots back.

Maybe that guy makes a classic Saturday charge and you're suddenly holding on to a golden ticket. DON'T: Live bet someone at crap odds on Sunday — The biggest thing I've noticed that beginner golf bettors love to do is bet one of the guys near the lead on Sunday at single-digit odds just so they have some Sunday excitement. Here's why that's not a great plan: A There's zero value whatsoever, and B The Sunday pressure, especially at the Masters, is immense.

You really trust someone two shots back to win at odds? Way too much has to go right on the back nine during a final round for that to cash, and the juice isn't worth the squeeze at crappy odds. Make your pre-tournament outright bets, live with them and do not chase any losses on Sunday afternoon.

DO: Explore all the props and shop around — Once tee times are announced, books will have everything from three-balls to matchups to low lefty to low Englishmen and everything in between. Make sure you shop around at all the sportsbook to find your favorite props at the best odds. There is nothing worse than betting something and then finding out an hour later that there was a better number elsewhere. DON'T: Get mixed up in live hole-by-hole betting — I know I sound like a mother saying "don't get mixed up with the wrong crew!

Those guys are nothing but trouble! I know, you're going to be kicking back on Saturday afternoon at happy hour, breaking out the homemade pimento-cheese dip and locking into the coverage. Inevitably, you will then open a sportsbook app and see something along the lines of "Will Corey Conners birdie the 11th hole?

Do not, under any circumstances, make these bets. It's going to seem fun at first when you win one, but then you're going to lose one and tell yourself you'll make it back on the next hole. And on and on it goes. It's essentially like betting if the next play is going to be a run or a pass play in football. You can dig a hole far quicker than it takes to dig yourself back out of it. Consider yourself warned. Cox DO: Bet on a debutant to place top five, 10 or 20 — No, a first-timer hasn't won the Masters since , and that's probably not going to change this year.

However, we are seeing more and more rookies conquer Augusta National in their first trip to the place. Will Zalatoris finished solo second as a year ago. Sungjae Im tied for second in the November Masters.

Thomas Pieters tied for fourth in , easily locking up low debutant. Hell, Jordan Spieth damn near won the tournament the first time he played it in , then did win it the following year for his first major. The point is, what was once the unthinkable—playing well at the Masters with zero experience in the event—has now become the norm. These younger players have no fear and are more talented than ever. So while a Cameron Young or a Sam Burns or a Cameron Davis or a Talor Gooch might not win, they could certainly play well enough to contend and you should be able to get great odds on any one of them to do so.

The game is younger, it's longer and it's more athletic, and in the hopes of keeping up, the courses are getting longer, too Augusta National, included. It's becoming borderline impossible for guys like Fred Couples and Bernhard Langer to make one of those magical, old-man runs that capture the golf world's attention.

Of course, Langer has seemingly been an exception to that rule, and yet still the only bet you could even feel a little bit good about with him is to finish top We're not ageist, these are just the facts of the modern game. Trying to make sure you're informed before the biggest event of the year?

Koepka missed the cut last year but was basically walking around on one leg thanks to a knee injury. With all the young stars playing well and Tiger Woods coming back, Koepka would love nothing more than to remind everybody that he can still be a force in the game. His game is really good right now two wins since January and his short game is built for this tournament. Jump on. When in doubt, take the guy who has finished in the top 10 twice and who dials it in for majors.

Rory, of course, needs a win at the Masters to secure the career grand slam. This has less to do with me not believing in Burns than just really liking the price for someone who has never played at The Masters before. This is his tournament to win. Blake: Jon Rahm.

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