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Stock market investing for beginners pdf files best forex charting software free

Stock market investing for beginners pdf files

When you sell, you will lose your initial investment. If you can't afford to lose your initial investment, then you should buy bonds. You get an income tax break if you lose money on your stock loss. Unfortunately, you also have to pay taxes if you make money. See Capital Gains Tax. Preferred stockholders and bondholders get paid first. It requires a lot of time. You've got to research each and every company to determine how profitable you think it will be before you buy stock.

You've got to learn how to read financial statements and annual reports, and follow your company's developments in the news. You've also got to monitor the stock market itself, as even the best company's price will fall in a market correction, a market crash or bear market. It can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Stock prices rise and fall every second. Individuals have the tendency to buy high, out of greed, and sell low, out of fear. You compete against professionals. Institutional investors and traders have more time and knowledge to invest. Find out how to gain an advantage as an individual investor. Thus, it is difficult to purchase stocks in the market without the help of any broker. As what have been discussed in this document, there are several steps and requirements in applying for a broker.

In this document, we applied in Col Financial Group, Inc. Also, it was suggested in an article online that the said broker is advisable for people who have small amount of funds, like the minimum requirement of Php 5, Looking back to the steps we had in applying to Col Financial, we had summarized it as follows: 1. Prepare the necessary requirements, such as the following: a. A savings bank account, which accepts check deposits as required by Col Financial in our case, we opened a savings bank account in Banco De Oro BDO — Tagaytay Rotonda Branch and the steps are as follows: i.

Regarding what bank to open with, Col Financial said that as long as it accepts check deposits will do. Passport b. Philippine Postal ID d. Senior Citizen ID Card i. Barangay ID t. PhilHealth ID 27 As required by BDO, you have to bring with you your money for payment of at least the maintaining balance required to open a savings bank account.

Particularly for Tagaytay- Rotonda Branch, we paid Php 2, Finally, you just have to wait for some working days until you get your ATM card may be delivered directly to your address or may be obtained through going to the bank. Now, you already have your savings bank account and the account number will be used in filling-up the forms required by Col Financial Group, Inc. Next, fill-up the forms. Attached with the forms are your valid IDs for presentment and verification of your identity.

You may send it directly to Col Financial Group, Inc. If you will do the same, they will give you the receptacle sticker with from and to sections. The date you will set should be counting days after your date of settlement for example, you are about to reply to their email on September 30, , you must have to put the date of interview as October 3 onwards. Next, after the online interview, a message will be sent to your e-mail which gives you your account number for final processing.

Finally, you may proceed with funding of your account which may be through online banking, over-the-counter and so on. After working days, they will send another message which tells you your log-in information so you can now access your COL account anytime and purchase or sell stocks without any costs aside from the fees to be discussed in this document.

We were tasked to experience investing in stocks, as well as sharing those experiences and the knowledge we have earned through a seminar. We started with planning and setting goals. We had countless meetings, we had assigned different committees. One for food, logistics, research, registration and the like. Because of these, everyone got to experience investing and had their own insights. No one knew among us that we can actually produce quite a money if we became tactful in investing, until we did the activity.

We never knew until then that, stock prices drops because of many reasons, such as company scandals and issues, interest rates fluctuating and the like. We absorbed so much about investing that all of us has considered doing it in the future — and we hope through the seminar we had done, the audience might feel the same. Investing in stocks is one of the few things people can do to multiply their money while still learning. It is one of the best ways to prepare for the future. As 30 what Warren Buffet stated in the quote above, if we prepare for the future, we can put our minds at ease because we made ourselves ready.

Investing in stocks is a hopeful way to face the present to prepare the future. In line with this, the section planned to have groups in charge with monitoring the stock performance within six weeks, until September 22, This stock report gives relevant information regarding the important matters that affect the stock investment per week. Thus, this report, in particular, is for the First week of Monitoring — August 14, to August 18, Tuesday-Friday.

Everyone has different insights and opinions about their own preferred stock investment. Therefore, it was hard for the class to come up with one or at least two companies where the money will be put at. Having such confusion about which company to choose, the class came up with a solution of having a voting on the preferred stock investment.

Researchers have chosen Filinvest Land Inc. The potential investors have three options. The first one will be Double Dragon alone. The second will be the combination of Jollibee Food Corp. Also, as of that day, the price of the stock of JFC has increased, therefore the investors loses its opportunity to invest in this stock. As a result, only one investment was granted, which is with the FLI.

In this report, the stock performance of FLI for the first week starting from August 14, to August 18, will be presented together with the stock table and graph showing the changes that took place for the entire week. Likewise, it will include the conclusion and interpretation regarding the stock performance.

And, its price earnings ratio was 8. Stock Performance — First Week of Monitoring As it was shown on the figure 4, starting August 14, , the price of the stock is increasing. However, there was a sudden decrease on its price on August 18, Although there were days wherein the price of the stock goes down especially on August 15 and 18, but still, the entire stock investment on the first week was favorable given that it does not incur any loss on the account equity value of the investors.

With a minimal fluctuation on the price of the stock along with such increase on the equity value of the investors, a decision of retaining the stocks was made by the group and the class as a whole. Furthermore, stock prices fluctuation would still be diverse but fluctuations would only be minimal. Olaes, Ericson O. Reyes, EJ Angella M. Tanlangit, Leizelle Joy G.

In this report, the updates for the second week of stock performance monitoring will be presented wherein the stock table, the graph illustrating the changes in the trading price, and the interpretations and conclusions regarding the stock performance are included. Figure 5. Stock Performance — Second Week of Monitoring 40 As it was shown in the figure 5, the price of the stock declined during the first week which has ended on August However, it shows that the stock price gradually increased on the second week which is from August 21 until August The total account equity value did not incur a loss since the account balance is still higher than its original value.

However, the group did not opt to sell the stock of FLI because the stock price of other companies that the class would like to invest in is still high compared to the minimum price it can be paid for. The group has decided to retain the stock investment in FLI, considering the possible change in the equity value if the stock would be sold to purchase shares of stock from another company.

Members: Aventurado, Lei Ann U. Bornalo, April Jane A. Sangria, Jasmin M. Sumagui, Czerina Kathleen P. Tibayan, Ma. Cristina I. As compared to our initial total account equity value of P4, The first week became exciting, enjoyable and fun. Since it was our first experience in handling stocks by ourselves only, or rather without any help of traditional or live brokers, we had fun and gained memorable experiences. In the first week of stock performance monitoring, the stock reached 1. Thus, the total account equity value risen up to P4, The second week became more exciting, enjoyable and fun.

The stock market value consistently risen up. As compared to the first week, it has a. The stock performance during the second week of the monitoring activity can be described as constantly improving. Our total account equity value climbed up to P5, As of this week, the third week of stock performance monitoring activity, we already experienced the buy-and-sell transaction. We sold our stock with FilInvest Land Inc. The discussion of the third week stock performance monitoring activity will be imparted through the remainder of this paper.

Since the start, the section really want to purchase Double Dragon stock because of the suggestions of other people, may it be in the internet or websites or through the word-of-mouth. Also, the section decided to purchase Double Dragon stock when its amount reaches the lowest value as of the month. Based on our observation in our FLI stock, when the price of the stock turns high, the value of our investment also turns high. However, due to its small fluctuation rate, it increases minimal amount.

This is the reason why we are pursuing Double Dragon up until now. We want some change. We want our stock investment to become higher so we decided to invest in a risky type of stock investment. Since, the stock investment in FilInvest Land, Inc. As of the week, FLI stock reached 1. Since Double Dragon, as compared to its previous prices, it became Figure 6.

We have been notified that it has already been sold and the amount was transferred already to our COL Financial account, resulting to Php 5, Then, we immediately purchased Double Dragon DD stock. Our order was sent for execution. Immediately, our order was granted and we finally had the Double Dragon stock. Our actual balance and buying power had decreased to Php The change in the stock price was 2. The change in the stock price was The change in the stock price was 0.

The change in the stock price became Also, it was revealed that the price of the stock declined during the last day of monitoring. It is important to evaluate and assess the price-to-earnings ratio because it may lead to more investors.

If it is high, investors will expect higher earnings in the future and growth prospects are good. Therefore, they will tend to invest. On the other hand, when it is low, investors will think that the company will not able to provide good earnings.

Also, there had been minimal fluctuations in the stock prices and it is favorable on our part as investors. Stock prices change every day as a result of market forces. One of the reasons is because of supply and demand. If more people want to buy a stock demand than sell it supply , then the price moves up. The price of a stock doesn't only reflect a company's current value, it also reflects the growth that investors expect in the future.

The group has decided to retain the stock investment in Double Dragon because the performance of DD was moderate. Although we incurred a loss, we are expecting that the stock price of DD will to increase on following week. Members: Abela, Cristine Marie M. Cabeltes, Ederlyn B. Develos, Kaith Shaira D. Reyes, Cherryll T.

Ricofuerto, Jelly Joyce B. Satparam, Felicia Paula R. It was chosen over the Filinvest FLI. For the first week of investing therein, it already incurred a loss. Everyone in class is hoping it will recover from a loss, especially in the fifth week of monitoring its performance.

But, as expected from Double Dragon, it continuously incurred a loss until September On the last day of monitoring, September 15, the Double Dragon provided a gain. It is as if it has regained its confidence and has already recovered from certain circumstances. Why the Stock prices of Double Dragon did continuously goes down? The Double Dragon provided certain cases when their stock prices can be affected. Note: An initial public offering IPO is the first time that the stocks of a private company are offered to the public.

IPOs are often issued by smaller, younger companies seeking capital to expand, but they can also be done by large privately owned companies looking to become publicly traded. By , it goal is to achieve the 5. During the operation, there have been a change of plans.

Its goal, as of now, is to accumulate 1. In order to achieve this goal, the Double Dragon now decided to go further. In line with this going internationally, the Double Dragon previously had a public offering which can be the reason of the fluctuations of stock prices. Table 8 and Figure 6 will provide the summarized information for the fifth week of monitoring. Stock Table — Fifth Week of Monitoring As shown in the Table 6, from the last day of monitoring of the fourth week up to the fourth day of the fifth week September 8- September 14 , it can be seen that the losses are continuously incurred, and at the last day of the fifth week of monitoring, it finally had a gain.

During sept. During the opening of stock market, the DD already incurred a positive day change of. Although arguments between investors have occurred, the decision still remains to be the same, retain the shares in Double Dragon until the losses are recovered, and then decide afterwards, whether to stay at risk, but obtain the experience, or invest on a new company where stability is present. No one can tell when it will incur a loss, or a gain, or when it will be stable.

It is for the reason that we can never know what will happen until we do it and experience it. In line with this, the section planned to have groups in charge with monitoring the stock performance within six weeks, until August 8, Thus, this report, in particular, is for the Sixth week of Monitoring — September 18, to September 22, Monday-Friday. Members: Anciro, Joana Mae S.

Creus, Bren Bernard R. Doneza, Yarrah-Zynne A. Garcia, Rensie Mae L. Lamagan, Nicole T. The change in the stock price was 5. The change in the stock price increased to 0. The change in the stock price declined to 0. There was no change in the stock price and there was also no price earnings ratio.

The 61 change in the stock price increased to 0. Figure 9. Stock Performance — Sixth Week of Monitoring As shown on Figure 9, which presents the hourly stock performance of Double Dragon on the sixth week which is from September 18 until September From September 18, price declined in 19 but rose up again on The price finally dropped on the last day of monitoring during September The price-to-earnings ratio is of essence because it can be used to attract investors, the higher the price-to-earnings ratio, the better.

If this is the case, more investments will flow. According to PSE Stockholders , Double Dragon currently is in an oversold condition based on the momentum oscillators. A momentum oscillator is 62 created by calculating the difference between the sum of all recent gains and the sum of all recent losses and then dividing the result by the sum of all price movement over the period. Its volatility is extremely low when compared to the average volatility over the last 10 periods.

Despite this, an increase in volatility is seen possible with the sharp price fluctuations in the near future. Stock prices fluctuates because of many factors. Such factors may be: news releases on earnings and profits, future estimated earnings, announcement of dividends, securing a new large contract, employee layoffs, change in management, anticipated takeover or merger, and accounting errors or scandals.

A big project like this, of course, will indicate a new large contract which will affect the stock prices. Office work was affected and therefore no stocks are traded at the time. The group came to the decision to retain the stock investment in Double Dragon because the performance of DD was still unstable though nearly moderate. Double Dragon is one of the companies that are very risky in stock investing.

It gains rapidly in a large amount of price and in contrast, it also drops in a big price. Students had already experienced gaining a bigger amount of profit but on the other hand, we also experienced continuous losses for the consecutive weeks. Students are still hoping even though they incur losses, they are expecting that they will obtain profit from it. For us, it is not all about the money that we should consider in investing stocks but also, we want to experience not only gaining profit but also, to experience some risky situations including the trade between Double Dragon.

As of this date, September 25, , the start 7th week of monitoring the stock performance of Double Dragon, it continues to have losses starting from the losses obtained from the previous weeks. But there are times that its stock price increases rapidly and the same as it decreases the price quickly. During this week, Double Dragon presently is in an oversold condition and some economic situations, being continued from the 6th week. Despite this, an increase in the movement is seen possible with the sharp price fluctuations in the near future.

Stock prices fluctuate because of many factors. Despite the loss, the group is anticipating that DD will soon hit an increase in the stock price as they are having good comments from analysts and because of the performance the stocks have. The seminar aims to unlock the knowledge of the participants on Stock Investment. Moreover, to give them curiosity about how stock investment could change their future. Present in the event were Mr.

Mher Anthony A. There were 24 participants who attended the event which came from different clusters in Rogationist College and outsiders. This seminar is all about the introduction and basics of stock investing and also the personal experiences that students encountered before, during and after the actual stock investment. The objective of the seminar was to give the exposure and understanding of stock investment to the students and was introduced to students for participation.

Investing in the stock market is very much like any other businesses where you buy a product to sell to someone else at a profit. Too many investors treat their stock market investing more like gambling at the casino. Successful and profitable investors know the difference. The stock market is a great equalizer where people with small amounts of money can earn the same way that the big time players do.

It does not matter how much you start with if you use sound business techniques for your investing. What does matter is how you make your investing funds work for you. While knowing the basics and strategies from the seminar, participants are encouraged to research and start investing. This seminar will take the attendees to make them feel like they are on the business setting where they can actually decide just like buying and trading of stocks in the market. From having no idea 67 into a business minded one, participants will gain knowledge and confidence as they learn how to design and strategize their stock investments.

This seminar will teach them on how to think like a business owner and not a speculator, different important factors that should be considered before, during and after stock investing, introduction about stocks, how you will benefit, and more.

The seminar started with an opening prayer inspired by the video of Five Loaves and Two Fishes, led by Ms. Ampo, MA, introduced by the masters of the ceremony, Ms. Cristine Abela and Ms. Ara Aterrado, who gave a wonderful and inspiring message and introduction about stock investing, and after that, the seminar proper begun. The first speakers are Ms. Jesilyn Chavez and Ms. Sherlene Yap wherein they introduce the terms and basics of stock investment. But eventually, they asked the speakers on what part they are not cleared with it.

Speakers also presented videos related to their topics for additional information. Questions are being entertained after the discussing the topics. Secondly, Ms. Rensie Mae Garcia and Ms. Michelle Alvarez were the next speakers that tackled about understanding more on stocks. The speakers continued to discuss the first part of the seminar and deepen the understanding towards stocks and other terms. After the first half of the program, Ms.

April Bornalo, Ms. Jenica Vidallo and Ms. Ederlyn Cabeltes were the leaders for the Chicken dance that served as the energizer of the participants to prevent boredom from listening to the seminar. After that active dance number, snacks are given and the second half of the program started as well. The third speakers are MS. Krissia Dimailig and Ms.

Hydee Deligero wherein they discussed about the basics in stock investing. They even encouraged the participants to invest in the stock market and presented the importance of investing their excess cash in purchasing stocks. The speakers actively interacted to the participants.

They frequently ask questions to them about the topic. They are also scenarios in which participants were involved in decision making for stock investment. Speakers used different 68 quotes and sayings as their way of inspiring and encouraging people to invest on stock market. It is the common game rock-paper-scissor but, participants need to provide one peso and this will be given to the winning player.

This game is like investing on sticks wherein you will sacrifice an amount of money to invest and you will use strategies to win the game. Redickson Loriaga was the winner and he won 30 pesos. Knowing about this aspect of finances gives us precisely that, the peace of mind that we will never lack financial liquidity to cover our needs and those of our loved ones. Investing is the action of placing our money in activities that generate an economic profitability in the medium or long term.

Simply put, it is about putting our money to work so that it multiplies and thus increases our personal, family or business assets, as the case may be. Learning about investment is of vital importance nowadays in order to be prepared for any eventuality that threatens our economic stability. But although its definition is very simple, it does not mean that we do not need to study about this subject. Investing money and making a profit from it is a whole science and an art that is mastered with study, practice and the experience that the years give after a series of mistakes and triumphs.

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