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Super bowl 55 jerseys

Cincinnati is in previous Super Bowl appearances. The Bengals were losers to the 49ers at the Pontiac Silverdome, then home to the Detroit Lions. Cinci was adorned in white unis for this game. Talk about a glow-up. Those teams were the top two playoff seeds in the AFC. The Bengals are just in their dark jerseys but have won two in a row in those colors. In those uniforms, Cincinnati is this season.

No matter what color they were to adorn, the public is coloring the Bengals as popular in the NFL public money splits. Los Angeles is a. Finally: ESPN tweeted a bizarre Photoshopped image of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford hugging himself, with one Stafford wearing a Rams uni although not the combo they wore yesterday and the other Stafford wearing a Lions uni:. My thanks to Andrew Cosentino and Antonio Losada for their contributions to this section. What kind of content will you be putting on Bulletin?

Do you know what the next few Bulletin pieces will be about? And the one after that will be a deep dive on the new Riddell Axiom helmet. I want to subscribe, but the requirement that I have a Facebook account in order to pay is a dealbreaker for me. Is there some other option? At present, unfortunately, there is no other way to pay. Obviously, I love the color scheme, but I also love the kangaroo crest — so simple, so good!

Also: Check out the awesome Hudson Bay coat on the guy at far-left. Meanwhile, someone get these guys some team-colored gloves. So I decided to make a stuffed pork rib roast — a fun project for a snowbound day. First, I made a stuffing. I began by putting a cup of golden raisins and a cup of dried cherries in a bowl and pouring boiling water over them to plump them up a bit. You can use any dried fruit — apples, cranberries, apricots, whatever.

After about five minutes, I drained the fruit and added it to the skillet, along with a cup of plain breadcrumbs and some chopped walnuts: I added more butter and stirred a lot to make sure the breadcrumbs got moist and after a few minutes, everything was nicely blended: I put the cooked stuffing in a bowl and set it aside for later.

The day before I had bought a nice bone-in pork loin also called a pork rib roast, or a rack of pork. First you remove the meat that sits atop the last two inches or so of the rib bones: Then you remove all the meat around and in between the bones: Obviously, I saved all the meat that came off the bones. As you can see, I left the far-left inch or so of the meat uncovered.

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Unfortunately, the Ravens being the 49ers' dance partners in New Orleans lowered this Super Bowl's uniform ceiling. Packers Focus on Sport-Getty Images Brett Favre 's Super Bowls came against some of the weirdest-looking opposition, with the full-on stirrup Broncos coming after the super-shoulder patriot Patriots.

The Broncos' radical redesign changed the game. Teams at all levels got into the stirrup business. Denver's first season in them produced a Super Bowl title, and the scheme remains. The blue-on-white choice was the better of the Broncos' two options at this time, but this game unfortunately validated a wrong turn for the franchise.

Super Bowl XI: Raiders vs. They just looked better in white. The Raiders' renegade status and three relocations are not indicative of their attire reliability. Since the franchise deviated from its black-and-gold scheme in the early s, it has featured one of American sports' defining designs. Washington Focus on Sport-Getty Images The Bills receive appropriate credit for their earlys persistence, but the uniforms they wear today outdo the ones they packed for Super Bowls.

Nothing wrong with either theirs or the gear Washington preferred when it went in Super Bowls under Joe Gibbs. A fine middle-of-the-pack matchup. Seahawks Rich Kane-Icon Sportswire Both Denver and Seattle adjusted their uniforms in , the Broncos making their orange alternates their primary home jerseys upon Peyton Manning 's arrival and the Seahawks ditching their unfortunate scheme of the previous 10 years in advance of Russell Wilson's rookie season. They showed off their new designs in the Super Bowl.

Neither team sported its all-time best look that night in New Jersey, but this was a big upgrade from what such a Super Bowl matchup would have showcased had the Broncos won the AFC championship game and met the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. The '05 Steelers prevented a global-stage fashion disaster. The Bills only wore this all-white uniform in one Super Bowl. While Buffalo's home kits of this era were the superior look, this Super Bowl certainly went better than the franchise's subsequent outings in the home blues.

Giants Bettmann-Getty Images Even if the Giants' darker blues of the mids slightly trail their Rodney Hampton-era design, the Broncos' road whites pre were a touch better than the Bills'. Denver wore these in a Super Bowl once, making them less memorable than its oranges of the era. But these away-from-Colorado whites dunk on the Broncos' stirrup-y model they stubbornly refuse to ditch.

Super Bowl I: Chiefs vs. The Chiefs' pre and s look all-white look doesn't pop as much. The Packers won the game and the color scheme battle that day in southern California. While the point underdog Jets completed a seismic upset that changed pro football henceforth, the Colts' home uniform is consistently one of the league's best. No exception here.

The Jets of this era are probably remembered for these all-whites because of their accomplishment on this day, but their greens of the Joe Namath years were superior. Either way, a quality uniform duel in Miami. Washington Ronald C. Modra-Getty Images The Washington-Miami rematch brought a nice update to the teams' meeting 10 years prior.

Washington wore its traditional RFK Stadium threads this time, and the Dolphins' aqua classics represented a nice pairing in the game best remembered for John Riggins ' championship-cementing run. Washington Focus on Sport-Getty Images Washington's attempted repeat featured the most recent instance of the Raiders bringing their famed black-on-silver uniforms to a Super Bowl. It did not go well for Washington, becoming the Los Angeles Raiders' signature night complete with John Facenda's immortalizing narration.

Cowboys Gin Ellis-Getty Images Excepting the one time the Colts forced them to wear their blues, the Cowboys have donned some of the finest uniforms in Super Bowl history. Their January return to the big stage was no exception. Jimmy Johnson's bunch shined in Pasadena, and the Bills' top Jim Kelly-years game suit complemented them well. This remains the only time the same teams faced off in consecutive Super Bowls. Unfortunately, the sides did not try what would have been a fun fashion flip.

The Cowboys' dark blues of this period took a bit too much heat and may have distracted from this slightly less one-sided matchup in Atlanta. Super Bowl IV: Chiefs vs. Kansas City does not receive much credit for being one of the NFL's pillars of uniform tradition, but the franchise has altered little on its home design since this afternoon.

This also marked the debut of Minnesota's top look in a Super Bowl. The Vikings pulled off their all-whites during their uniform heyday, the shoulder stripe cementing these as the franchise's best. Chicago debuted its blue-on-white classics in a Super Bowl in , upon meeting Indianapolis in that city's first Super Bowl opportunity. A Colts blue-vs. But still, not too much to complain about in the first rainy Super Bowl. Saints Icon Sportswire The best possible version of this matchup, from a fashion sense.

The Saints have enjoyed a love-hate relationship with their gold pants away from home, currently utilizing black pants and having donned all-white for periods during their plus-year existence as well. But white-on-gold has always been the franchise's premier non-Superdome choice. It came against the Colts' famed blue-on-white design that, save for the facemasks going from gray to white to blue and back to gray, has not changed since Johnny Unitas was calling signals.

All wore yellow pants these trousers are much closer to yellow than gold, despite what these organizations would have you believe in a flashy Super Bowl that has become a bit underrated a decade later. Super Bowl X: Steelers vs. This may be No. Cowboys Al Bello-Getty Images They met up again 17 years after that, with the only difference being the bluer socks the Cowboys wore in the Arizona meeting.

Perhaps a more even playing field would have involved the 49ers using their road whites against the Dolphins' home aquas — which, at the time, were unlike anything else in the NFL — but this game was in Palo Alto. The 49ers owed it to their fans who made the drive south to deploy their NorCal look. While it is unfortunate the Dolphins did not make another Super Bowl in the Dan Marino era to show off their improved road uniform circa , their vintage scheme remains associated with the franchise's peak.

Vikings Focus on Sport-Getty Images This might be high for most, but it is interesting in what may get the vote for the most boring Super Bowl featured such a fascinating color contrast. The NFL featured one possible purple-aqua matchup, and the Dolphins and Vikings each brought their best jerseys to Houston. Although this game featured only seven Dolphins passes and stood at in the fourth quarter, the ahead-of-its-time color duel deserves credit.

In , the Bengals shocked the NFL landscape with their then-revolutionary tiger-striped concept. Cincinnati's previous uniforms were quite basic and bore a strong resemblance to the other orange, Ohio-based team Paul Brown once led. The Bengals executed a strong pivot and still possess the NFL's premier helmet.

Going against a 49ers team showing off its threads for a Super Bowl audience for the first time helped the teams' first big-game meeting stand out. Super Bowl II: Raiders vs. But these teams' second-best uniforms are better than many franchises' top kits, making for fine visuals in Miami last year. Washington Focus on Sport-Getty Images Favored going into this game, the Broncos gave up 35 points in the second quarter amid a string of lates Super Bowl misfortune.

But the uniforms John Elway donned for most of his career — complete with perfect contrast between the shades of blue and orange the franchise used for nearly 30 years — remain some of the best the NFL has offered.

The drubbing also enhanced Washington's appeal, helping the team to in Super Bowls in its preferred look. Super Bowl VI: Dolphins vs. Cowboys Focus on Sport-Getty Images Aqua bursting onto TV sets during the Dolphins' first Super Bowl may have been an interesting experience for casual fans in , and the team's new-age color scheme blended well with the look that would soon be associated with the Cowboys' "America's Team" moniker.

A Rams team upset the Cowboys in the divisional round then deprived the world of what may have been the strangest for its era Super Bowl uniform by beating the Buccaneers in the NFC title game. Los Angeles' road design matched up nicely with Pittsburgh's unmistakable home gear. The Rams made for a nice final Super Bowl adversary for the Steelers' dynasty. See: Broncos, Cardinals. The Bengals and Rams brought their best outfits to the dance, Cincinnati unveiling its new design -- equipped with a stupendous stripe-sock combo -- and Los Angeles resisting the urge to go Full Bone on the world.

The Bengals' simplification and the Rams ditching their horrid road scheme of the late s combined to create modern uniform magic at SoFi. But Denver's first Super Bowl berth displayed the then-upstart franchise's aesthetic artistry. Unfortunately for the Broncos, this uniform is — aside from Elway comebacks, Browns misery and the Steve Atwater hit — primarily associated with big-stage blowouts.

The Falcons opening Mercedes-Benz Stadium in meant a Super Bowl, and the lighting that became commonplace during Falcons games shone best when the Rams showed up. Of course, this was not the outcome the Rams wanted. But this might be the best one team has looked in a Super Bowl. It featured a Bengals team residing at the zenith of striped football uniforms matched up against one of the NFL's attire standard-bearers.

Super Bowl XX: Patriots vs. The Patriots, who ditched Pat in , were the first road wild-card team to advance to a Super Bowl. Although the Patriots' reward for that run of upsets was a date with maybe the greatest team in NFL history, their uniforms and movie trailer mainstay Don LaFontaine doing the narration make Super Bowl XX's highlight film worthwhile.

The Broncos' marvelous home oranges encountered the 49ers' white-on-golds that were not far off their sublime red Candlestick Park gear. If only this game could have occurred at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and not the dimmer-lit Superdome, it would have given the world an even more glamorous blowout.

New York overpowered Denver at the Rose Bowl. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. Buffalo Bills Getty Images Same time next year. Dallas beat the Bills in the Georgia Dome. Pittsburgh Steelers Getty Images The Cowboys were wearing their white jerseys, and the Steelers were wearing their usual black and gold.

Green Bay beat New England in the Superdome. Louis Rams vs. Louis won in the Georgia Dome. New England edged St. Louis in the Superdome. Running back Jerome Bettis got to complete a storybook ending over the Seahawks at Ford Field in his hometown of Detroit.

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