ways to make india a better place
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Ways to make india a better place lottery millionaires go broke investing

Ways to make india a better place

About 2. Remember, there are just Traffic snarls. Over 8, policemen in Delhi on the VIP beat. Rs crore spent each year to shadow the prime minister and former prime ministers. VIP security is less an occupational hazard, and more a status symbol. Realistically, intelligence agencies could review the "threat perception" of VIPs. If they want security, make them pay for it.

Specialists, as in anti-terrorist force NSG, can be deployed better. India spends over Rs 70, crore on its army of 1. That is, about one for every 50 citizens. Fine incumbent officers who fail to deliver. Implement the K. Geethakrishnan Committee report on downsizing. Over members of the new Lok Sabha are involved in criminal cases, one-third of them in heinous crimes.

Those opposing the bill will be exposed in the process. Mumbai, Gujarat, Bloody datelines from a history of hell. Verses from a hymn of hate. Make the rioters pay. Let it be a test case in one state before applying it nationwide. Restricted trading hours are an anomaly in liberalised India. More hours mean convenience and a healthier bottom line. Economic activity will get a thumbs up. Crime will come down. Real estate will get a boost.

The retail sector will grow exponentially. Indians are chronic moaners. As the legend goes, it is less work. It takes just 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. Boman Irani, screen and stand-up comedian who knows a thing or two about amusement, says smiling in India is a bit like applause. Residential localities are cramped with parking lots and claustrophobic market blocks, making them noisy zones that bring tempers to a breaking point. Create think zones in the cities.

A small patch of green, motor-free area. Sit, stare, think. Only 64 per cent was used. Even if a rape is proved, the sentence ranges from one to 10 years. Most convicts get away with only three to four years of imprisonment. The National Commission for Women says it will bring down the instances of rape. Public support for the execution of Dhananjoy Chatterjee, convicted of raping and murdering a yearold, shows there are many votaries.

One person dies on the road every 12 minutes. And most deaths occur within the first 60 minutes. Your next meal could have all this and more. Extend standards for food quality beyond branded items which are only 1 per cent of the food in the market. Create an integrated food safety mechanism. Too little space. Everywhere one turns, public land in cities-roads, public spaces and parks-has been encroached upon by hawkers and slumdwellers.

It converted encroached land into one of Mumbai's finest gardens. Both have outlived their utility. That job should be left to an independent trust of scholars. It need not interfere in institutions of higher education either. THE PROBLEM The Indian government's refusal to make records public, especially those relating to events like the India-China war, makes it difficult for administrators as well as historians to get a correct picture of recent history and contemporary events.

It should do so. Instead of having a junior officer weed out sensitive documents, the government should ask historians and senior officials to review records. History, and not reticence, should be served. We have separate rules for noise of firecrackers, loud speakers and vehicles. There is even an apex court order that no community can use microphones for prayer.

What is needed is public pressure. Last year, environmental activist Sumaira Abdulali got a court order enforcing silent zones in Mumbai. Indeed if it were not for our lungs, there would be no place to confine pollution to. Exempt environment friendly cars from excise duty.

Continue search for alternative fuel systems. Subsidise development of electric vehicles. Galbraith called it private affluence and public squalor. Naipaul noted, open defecation is a way of life in India, but only because million homes have no sanitation facilities. It needs to be expanded.

In Goa, under a Act, one can be fined Rs 5, for spitting. In Tamil Nadu, those who smoke or spit in public have to cough up Rs Wear it. The Citizenship Act, , has been amended but a national I-card is still a pilot project in 13 states. Credit cards, driving licences as well as voter IDs should be converted into multi utility cards and made mandatory. Domestic abuse. Rampant sex selection, leading to an alarming fall in the number of girls in the age group.

Laws to protect women exist, but on paper. THE WAY OUT Redefine laws to make their misinterpretation in court impossible, mobilise anti-abuse squads on the streets, create special courts to deal with gender crimes. Bring up girls to regard equality as non-negotiable. Archaic liquor laws lead to an inverse swing among youth who buy alcohol illegally and hide their partying habits. Make the laws realistic. Stem hypocrisy. Educate people, especially youth, about the evils of alcoholism.

Advise moderation in imbibing. A Technology Development Fund was set up in but to no avail. It is better that Indian corporates create vision funds. Eighty-eight paise are lost in transmission. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats pocket that amount, almost 20 years after Rajiv Gandhi first propounded the theory of percolation. Let people know about government spending. Aruna Roy's movement for the Right to Information Act in Rajasthan shows every question has an answer.

Especially when it comes to expertise required to monitor projects like the Sadak Rozgar Yojana. ITC has started an e-chaupal in 21, villages. Hindustan Lever is working with the Madhya Pradesh Government to help build the khadi brand by advising artisans on packaging. A study has found that a government file moves across 48 tables.

Uniform laws for things ranging from registration of vehicles to purchase of property would help. So would automation. Difficult to say but when senior officers in Mumbai were jailed for aiding stamp-paper forger Telgi, it showed how ingrained the rot is. Improve facilities in police stations, offer better housing and healthcare. The capacity of jails in India is 2,29, We should try making change here from right now with at least 1 person in a family, in friends group and work group changes the habit of one other person.

But what about basic common sense and manners? We might leave our home by touching feet of our elders, but in train or bus we would hesitate to offer sit to a senior citizen, while travelling we would push others. This small things matters for change the most. Source Stop Getting Offended : Switch to news sources and you will know that every other day there is someone getting offended by something. Who gave us right to be offended by anyone anyways?

Let each other live in peace without getting offended offcourse. Source Help Each Other : No other thing can make one happy, than seeing someone smile cause of you. Then why not take advantage of it, and feel a little happiness already? We float in our ego and superiority so much that we forget to be there for loved ones or even for some needy stranger for that mtter of fact. Shall we not help those in need, it may not earn you money, but hey you get affection and blessings and that satisfactory smile.

Keep in mind that there are many generations to follow, and one needs food to eat, not money. Spitting seems to be national habit, whether it be with paan or without paan. Common public places are not for us to go and spit, they are for our convenience. Imagine someone spitting in your home. No one would appreciate that right? Even Our public places should be treated equivalent to our home.

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Dec 04,  · As we step into the new decade, we asked a spectrum of entrepreneurs, bankers, VCs and marketing consultants on how they think India can improve its entrepreneurship . Hey guys ever wandered why India is not top1.casinotop1xbet.website some of the tips for making India a better place. One actionable thing everyone can do to make India better - Encourage “uncompetitive” hawkers. For quite some time in life, I personally had made it a point to give alms to beggars. .