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Cryptocurrency social influencers

Squawk Box Ben Armstrong says his crisis of conscience came in January of this year, when he realized he had to stop a business practice he — and a lot of other people in his line of work — had been engaged in for years. Armstrong is one of the most-watched crypto influencers on YouTube. His channel, BitBoy Crypto, has amassed more than 1. For years, Armstrong said he accepted payments from crypto companies to tout their new products for his vast audience of subscribers.

That's a practice he says he now regrets because it led to some painful losses for his own viewers. In the fall of , Armstrong announced his partnership with a cryptocurrency called DistX, calling it his most trusted coin. He said the whole idea of DistX was to stop scams in crypto — but Armstrong said in the end, the project itself ended up being a scam. The project team rug pulled, meaning they worked to increase the market cap then disappeared — leaving investors holding the bag.

Armstrong now says he feels responsible for the losses suffered by his followers. CNBC found that some of these online personalities get paid thousands to endorse dubious projects. This spring, an anonymous blockchain sleuth posted a list on Twitter naming 44 YouTube crypto personalities and their prices for paid promotions. Armstrong says he used the money he made from the promotion of DistX to refund his followers after the coin crashed, adding that he felt particularly guilty for how heavily advertised it was on his channel.

However, he says that is the only project in which he intervened in that way after investors lost money taking his advice. While Armstrong does disclose that he is not a trained financial professional, many of the ventures he's promoted have plummeted. After other cryptocurrency ventures like Ethereum Yield, Cypherium and MYX Network dropped in value, he deleted the promotional videos for them off his channel.

Unlike Armstrong, who says he disclosed all of his paid promotional videos, some influencers don't share that they're getting handsomely paid to plug projects. According to Armstrong, many of the companies that contacted him while he was collecting fees for endorsements didn't want him to tell his viewers the content was sponsored.

Armstrong said that five years ago many influencers would not disclose that they were paid to plug projects, but most influencers today are upfront about promotions with their viewers. But state regulators warn that there are still influencers who lack transparency.

Joe Rotunda, the director of the enforcement division of the Texas State Securities Board, said he's seen paid promotions that are not only undisclosed but are pushing fraudulent ventures. Not only is he respected for being the co-founder of Ethereum, but he's also known for the Bitcoin Magazine. With over 3. Michael Saylor, saylor Follow on: Twitter Tips on: Bitcoin news and updates Michael Saylor is one of the more prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space.

With over 2. Saylor has become one of the most famous crypto influencers in the past decade. Andreas M. Antonopoulos, aantonop Follow on: Twitter and YouTube Tips on: News in the cryptocurrency space and crypto introductory videos With , followers on Twitter and , subscribers on YouTube, Antonopoulos is well known for sharing his insights on cryptocurrency and explaining the basics of blockchain technology.

Antonopoulos goes into detail about how cryptocurrency works, and he often goes live on YouTube to answer reader questions about what's happening in the space. The BitBoy Crypto channel provides frequent live streams and updates on what's happening in the crypto space so that you can always stay informed.

Layah Heilpern, LayahHeilpern Follow on: Twitter and YouTube Tips on: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency updates, and the latest news Layah Heilpern has over , subscribers on Twitter, where she often gives her takes on the benefits of cryptocurrency. For example, in a well-liked Tweet she mentioned how the best way to make money in crypto is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Heilpern also wrote a book on Bitcoin and has her own YouTube channel with 31, subscribers. Her Twitter account has over , followers, while her YouTube channel has 15, subscribers.

Thompson creates helpful YouTube videos, including a series where she explains crypto topics Ethereum 2. She also has a crypto minute video every week to keep her audience updated with what's happening in the cryptocurrency space. The Crypto Jebb YouTube channel has , subscribers, and he explains what's happening in the Bitcoin space. Jebb often provides technical analysis for Bitcoin if you're interested in immersing yourself in the topic.

One of her most popular interviews is with Michael Saylor, where they question if Bitcoin is electricity or fire. He also has a YouTube channel with , subscribers where he gives daily crypto updates.

Ivan publishes crypto analyses and tutorials on his channel, including a helpful video on how you could create your own form of cryptocurrency in 15 minutes. The Bottom Line Following cryptocurrency influencers may help you learn more about a complicated, ever-changing financial topic. Influencers are also a great way to stay on top of crypto-related trends. You may also want to consider working with a trusted financial advisor.

Cryptocurrency influencers must know how the technology works and stay aware of any relevant news about the crypto space. To become an influencer, you will need to fully understand what investing in cryptocurrency is all about. Then, simply choose a social media platform Instagram, YouTube, TikTok , Twitter, or a mix of any of these where you can provide your unique insights.

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Cryptocurrency social influencers Cryptocurrency social influencers some experts say credentialing the field could help bring more oversight into the industry. For years, Armstrong said he accepted payments from crypto companies to tout their new products for his vast audience of subscribers. Cryptocurrency social influencers on this platform not only have the expertise but also the ideal following that comprises crypto enthusiasts. He is known as an influential system strategist and writer, envisioning better Blockchain scaling and other solutions. They work their magic through publications, social media, and forums.
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Follow him along with K plus others here. Besides, Sara is also a fitness enthusiast with her Instagram account full of pictures that will motivate you to start trading from your gym right away. Of course, the best way of keeping up with her is through Twitter. Merten is known to talk about lesser-known cryptocurrencies and offer his viewpoints regarding them while also analysing the rise and fall of larger coins like Bitcoin and Ether. Follow him on Twitter here. Not only does CZ share relevant information regarding cryptocurrencies, but his FAQ series on the Binance blog and industry-leading news also make it worthwhile to follow and understand everything happening in the fast-changing crypto world.

You can follow CZ here. You need to follow Shetty on his Twitter account here. Open your account here. This is a partnered post. In addition, he also founded a newsletter called Bitcoin Magazine. Aditya Singh Source: steemit. When India is your playground, you ought to attract much attention in a popular domain. Considering that this Asian country has more than a billion citizens, you get the idea why this man grew as an influence. Indian crypt market is dissected by this man on a daily basis and his YouTube videos are highly popular.

He is very adept in what he does and often shares advice on investing when to push and when to pull. If you want an insight from a different market and a different perspective you got to give Aditya a view and a listen. Roger Ver Source: fortune. Ver did this, but also much more when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Back in the day when Bitcoin was young, not many people wanted to stand behind this cryptocurrency. In that regard, Roger was a visionary, and in he was one of the rare people who saw the light in a tunnel called BTC. He was quick to understand and support blockchain technology. Furthermore, early investments in BTC, but also in Kraken and Ripple made him a rich and influential man. A visionary who deserved everything that came his way. As an entrepreneur, he was one of the pioneers in accepting payments by using cryptocurrency.

Despite years of engagement in the world of crypto, Ver shows no signs of stopping. If you want to receive first-hand info regarding Bitcoin and other digital currencies please do follow Roger. After all, the man is called Bitcoin Jesus for a reason. Jack Dorsey Source: fortune. The name of Jack Dorsey is first associated with Twitter. The former CEO of Twitter leads an eccentric life and cryptocurrencies are a part of it.

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Top 100 Influencers in Crypto \u0026 Blockchain (2022)

1/28/ · Top 5 Cryptocurrency Influencers To Follow in 1. Vitalik Buterin. You heard this name, right? It’s easy to be a cryptocurrency influencer when you’re behind creating 2. . 9/29/ · We’re going to take a look at 10 of these influencers and give you a quick look at what they do and how to find them: 1. Buterin – @VitalikButerin Vitalik Buterin, founder of . 10/4/ · Crypto influencers play a vital role in bringing cryptocurrency and other related phenomena, such as blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse, to the .