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Asian handicap football accumulator betting valero texas open 2022 betting odds

Asian handicap football accumulator betting

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This is the same as a Draw No Bet market. The table below shows how the result on a Level Asian Handicap — no perceived advantage for either team — affects your payout. Single Asian Handicap betting Single Asian Handicap betting is ideal when there is a large perceived difference in ability between two teams.

The supposed better team will be awarded a goal handicap to eliminate the difference in quality for betting purposes. For example they will start the game with The table below highlights how the result on a Single Asian Handicap affects your payout. The market allows you to split your stake on a team over two handicaps. The table below outlines how the result on a Split Asian Handicap affects your payout.

Benefits of Asian Handicap betting You can trade Asian handicaps in-play, reacting to match specifics, which allows you to trade exactly as you would on any other football market — placing bets pre-game to give you trade-out opportunities, or use the Asian Handicap market during the game to lock in a profit.

In addition there are a number of benefits to betting on Asian Handicap markets: Even if the team you backed are defeated, your bet can still win, or be voided, depending on the handicap. This lowers your risk of losing your bet compared to a 1X2 market. One team is giving a surplus of a half goal increment e. Their opponents will be given a deficit of the corresponding number before the game starts.

Quarter Goal Handicap Quarter handicaps are most commonly used in American sports like basketball and American football. These bets are often expressed as handicaps of 0 and 0. In these instances your stake is divided equally and placed on two separate bets.

That means if one teams handicap is 0 and 0. A void bet means the money is returned to all who bet on that particular Asian handicap. Quarter goal handicap markets are not offered by all bookmakers. In-Play Betting Many bookmakers now include Asian handicap markets in their in-play betting. During the match you will see the handicap changing with the flow of the game.

You can place bets in the same way you would with other live football markets. We have developed a glossary of Asian Handicap terms below. Asian handicap betting: Betting on the outcome of a football match with only two possible outcomes. One team will be given a deficit and the other a surplus of goals before the game starts.

This removes the possibility of a draw. Half goal handicap: The most common Asian handicap type. One team given a surplus 0. Quarter goal handicap: A more complex form of Asian handicap betting. A quarter goal handicap is usually expressed as 0 and 0. In these cases you are betting on two outcomes. Half of your stake goes on the first handicap 0 and the other half goes on the second handicap 0. Further explained above.

Voided bet: A whole goal handicap bet can result in a voided bet. This means the punter gets their stake back as there is no winning outcome.

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How Asian Handicap Works As we all know, there are great contests in sports. Whenever Barcelona and Real Madrid take the field, everyone knows it will be a tight contest. However, when Barca plays Huesca, the difference in quality is obvious. In order to strike a better balance between teams with considerable differences in quality, the industry has come up with the Asian handicap spread.

The bet works with lines that can be full 1 , half-lines 0. According to the Asian handicap chart, these lines can eliminate or bring the drawback into action. Asian Handicap 0. In this case, teams are not handicapped, and you win if you bet on the team that wins the match with any goal margin. The draw is still eliminated from the equation — if the game ends in one, the bet is void and stake refunded.

In case of a draw, half the best is refunded, while the other half loses. Half the stake is settled at the starting price in case of a draw, and the other half is refunded. Losses in both cases automatically result in a loss for the bettor.

If you bet on a team with a In case of a draw, all selections lose. Drawing or losing by any margin means you lose your bet. If the team wins by 1 goal difference, half your stake is settled at the current odds while the other half is refunded. If your pick loses by 1 goal, half of your stake is settled at the current price, while the other half is refunded.

If the team draws or loses, your bet loses too. Asian Handicap 1. If the team has been given a negative goal advantage of 1, it needs to win by 2 goals or more for your bet to win. If it loses or draws, you lose too. If it wins by 1 goal, the stake is void and refunded. If it loses by 2 or more, you lose. If it loses by 1 goal, your bet is void.

Nope, it's actually a form of betting that originated from the far east. Rate this news Introduction: What is Asian Handicap? The handicap refers to the points added to the underdog team, as this is the team more likely to lose. The idea is to make the betting between two teams as equal as possible in the eyes of the bookmaker. In fact draws happen much more than the public realize. Now, with conventional fixed odds, draws are treated exactly the same way as a win or a loss. So in effect, there are three possible outcomes to a football match, win, lose, and draw.

Even if the game ends with the same results for each team. Wait, what?! Are you into stats? This is done by ensuring that the underdog starts with a fraction of a point before the game begins. So they are actually in front before the first whistle.

All clever stuff. For example, Manchester United are playing the Teletubbies. So the bookmaker will give them a handicap head start in the scoring with, say a 0.