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Ethereal steam

The Ethereal Knights, protectors of the realm, have nearly all been destroyed. Only you remain. Enter the portal and defend the Ethereal Realms from the evil which plagues them. Battle deadly monsters and huge bosses, wield numerous weapons, cast powerful spells, solve challenging puzzles, and use all the tools at your disposal to put an end to the madness. Active Combat Your combat style is determined by the spells, weapons, and armor you choose to equip. With 3 distinct weapon types and a great number of spells, items, and armor pieces to choose from, you are provided with countless options to defeat your enemies.

Environment Puzzles A plethora of brain teasers awaits deep within the darkest corners of Arcadia. Explore and interact with the world around you to unlock new paths and discover secrets hidden in the Ethereal Realms. Epic High Fantasy A pure story of good versus evil. With hundreds of decisions leading to branching paths, a uniquely personalized story will unfold.

Full Relationship-Sim Your decisions and behavior organically shape your relationships and what party members feel about you over time. A romantic bond may even be forged with two possible characters! Complete Voice Over Ethereal Enigma features a full English voice cast for not only your main party, but also all side and extra characters. Experience unrivaled immersion with facial expressions and body language all animated seamlessly.

Discover the Ethereal Engima!

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As I wrote, using as a reference the same arguments I made a year ago when the scoping notice first came out, the anger rose. My comments, along with those of many others, were ignored. I must use another gift, my knowledge of how certain laws and regulations are supposed to work, to try to change the trajectory of this project. That keeps my mind off other gifts, ones that give back to me. They affect the way I write, paint, hike, make dinner, and read. As the fire burns low you come into yourself, saving energy for what matters.

With sadness I finally sold my weaving loom after letting it sit in the basement for years, unused. But I recall the days when I wanted to do nothing so much as to sit down on the bench and get to work on another weaving. I loved watching the fabric form and lengthen, loved the residual scent of wolf lichen from the homespun, home-dyed yarn, loved the gentle slap of heddles as I moved the harnesses to create my favorite broken twill pattern, and the sound of yarn furling from the bobbin each time I threw the shuttle.

I loved using my homespun yarn to create woven gifts: scarves, a baby blanket, placemats and table runners. Image courtesy needpix. Last summer I put a notice on the front door of Knit on Pearl, asking about half what the loom and various reeds, shuttles, and other accessories were worth. That afternoon came a call from a young woman visiting from Colorado. The next morning she and her husband loaded the loom into their car and drove away. I imagine the loom as happy as she is.

Letting another take over. Letting the loom go was also a gift to me. My dyslexic typing and even longhand writing keep me constantly correcting errors, so I am glad to not have anything more taxing to my manual and mental dexterity than sitting in a chair with a pen in my hand. I have gained the gift of no longer feeling sorry for the loom in the basement, waiting for me to come pay attention to it again. I still have many gifts for which I am grateful: Dear friends, old and new.

I recently went through the contacts list in my email to delete defunct addresses and as I worked I put together a new group called friends—people I treasure more than merely liking them as fond acquaintances or those I interact with professionally.

An aunt, the child I met before grade school who is still my confidant, a neighbor, and many I have known over the years who have enriched my life. How fortunate I am. And for this spectacular wild country I get to live in.

And for my continuing desire to create and the ability to do so. I have enough to eat, and the ability to eat well with healthy foods, not junk and fast food as the only option. Marsh shared this photo on social media to friend and accompanying it was this observation: "Just now, after an unsettled day. Some people have great potential but their lives are cut short. My life has spanned the period following WWII, the age of generosity and abundance in the nation of my birth, from which I have never been displaced as a refugee.

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