fuck all crypto assholes
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You can see from the list above that BetStars offers a range of betting options thanks to the long list of covered sports. Your device will then begin to download the apk file. In addition to the sportsbook, the website has a number of other gambling bet stars free betting. The second would be to add more payment methods for the customer to credit their accounts with, the site is still quite new though, so some of these features are probably on their list of things to implement in the future. Provide your bank card details Make a qualifying deposit, claim bonus funds and bet.

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Fuck all crypto assholes

Home Blog On the Dangers of Cryptocurrencies and the Uselessness of Blockchain Earlier this month, I and others wrote a letter to Congress, basically saying that cryptocurrencies are an complete and total disaster, and urging them to regulate the space. Nothing in that letter is out of the ordinary, and is in line with what I wrote about blockchain in But there are other modes like proof-of-stake that are not. Yes, a blockchain is an immutable ledger making it impossible to undo specific transactions.

Blockchain systems can have a little or a lot of privacy, depending on how they are designed and implemented. We can argue about whether proof-of-stake is actually an improvement. And to the extent any of those scaling solutions work, they undo the decentralization blockchain claims to have. But I also think that these defenses largely miss the point.

They still have trusted intermediaries, often with more power and less oversight than non-blockchain systems. They still require governance. They still require regulation. These things are what I wrote about here. From its inception, this technology has been a solution in search of a problem and has now latched onto concepts such as financial inclusion and data transparency to justify its existence, despite far better solutions to these issues already in use.

But social mobile stole all the brains and the talent away from the green problem. Now the climate crisis is worse than ever. And all those smart brains and all that money is devoted to solving a problem we don't have versus solving a problem we do.

That's utterly wrong. Apple is wildly successful. But some people still say it lost its mojo when Steve Jobs died. What's your take? I think it's an amazing company. Twenty years ago, you would go into an airport lounge and not find anyone using a Mac. Now everyone uses a Mac, and the only people using PCs are those poor corporate souls who can't get anything else. Same with phones. They're doing damn well with what they're doing.

It reminds me of Jimi Hendrix. His downfall was that he always had to make the crowd go crazy. He smashed his equipment early on, and then he felt he had to get bigger and crazier and crazier, because he was playing to the crowd to get that same reaction. And he died because of that lifestyle. I don't want Apple to go do dumb stuff. I want Apple to do good stuff. And they're doing great.

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Connecting with others who radiate positivity and have similar interests will excite and energize you. Mini Stars Berry Pies. Then and Now: The Cast of 'Yellowstone'. Compound interest applies to your life, not just to your money. Listen to understand, not to respond. Here are 10 key tips to getting ahead financially. It may sound simple, but many people struggle with this first rule.

Make sure you know what your job is worth in the marketplace, by conducting an evaluation of your skills, productivity, job tasks, contribution to the company, and the. Her first tip is to silence your inner critic. They arise out of the mind in a negative. The Best Advice about l. Sales tips for getting to know prospects and customers.

It's personalization at scale. Depending on the length of your loved one ' s sentence, one of the greatest challenges to reentry may be culture shock. The longer they were in prison, the greater the culture shock may be. Your loved one will notice new technology, the rise of social media for communication, newer.

Graduation season calls for the grand celebration of achieving a monumental milestone, yet with the excitement can come a myriad of emotions—the uncertainty of what is next, sadness due to leaving the familiar, and hope for new opportunities. Regardless of the emotions you may feel during this period, here are some Christian life tips to. Let go of perfection.

Once you give up on trying to be perfect, you allow yourself the opportunity to be good. Remember that a job doesn't give your life meaning. A job that you enjoy can contribute to giving your life meaning, but it is not the only thing in life you can draw meaning and inspiration from.

A lot of them have powerful messages hidden beneath the catchy tunes that carry the lyrics forward. His creation, "Man in the Mirror", is no exception. Through his singing, Jackson teaches a lesson about life reflections and how this impacts society. Don't hurt other people for any reason. You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it.

Only assholes do that. SMBC is a daily comic strip about life, philosophy, science, mathematics, and dirty jokes. Be Kind to Yourself. Embrace the mess and chaos because no one will remember a clean house or the laundry bring done, but you will remember the fun memories made. Erin, The Activity Director.

Be gentle with yourself. PJ Library Bay Area. Go for many stroller walks—they're good for parents and the baby. Love who you are, not who you think you ought to be. All of us are born with something special to share with the world. Don't listen to those who would tell you otherwise. You count. You're amazing. You're perfect just as you are. Don't try to be someone else, and don't try to be something for someone else. Betterment and Personal Capital are two highly-rated online robo advisors.

Digit is an app that automatically saves money from your checking account, but doesn't invest it. Despise being average. Your life script is written before you were born. Be born-go to school-get a job-get married-have kids-retire at an old age-die. That scripted life is a surefire path to mediocrity. The life of an average man sucks.

A diet heavy on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein is always a good idea. Here are a few other diet tips for people who have AFib: Go to a healthier-fat, low-salt diet. Follow these 7 tips to increase your energy and live a happier, healthier, more productive life: 1. Eat nourishing food. We all know that wholesome food is the crux for well-being, but it's common to regard healthy eating primarily as a tool for weight loss. However, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a balanced diet high.

Every single time you forget. Your life is your responsibility. Please read this carefully, taking in each and every word: There is one person and one person alone over whom you have control in this life—and that is yourself. Since you are the only person you can control, you are the only.

Look for the beautiful, the kind, the good. Smile more often. Dance frequently. Just fall in love with life. It really is one of the best rules for happiness. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Be the best you, as that's enough. Pick your people wisely. Who you surround yourself with will always be your greatest influence. Choose your friends carefully. They will have a deep impact on how you do life. Now, the best graphics cards are set to disappear even faster thanks to skyrocketing cryptocurrency prices.

We've seen this pattern several times over the past decade since Bitcoin first came into existence, and every option at the top of our GPU benchmarks hierarchy will be impacted. It's the great GPU shortage of all over again. The root cause comes from the recent upward trend in Bitcoin and Ethereum pricing, which in turn impact the prices of all of the other alternative cryptocurrencies. Gains in Ethereum are even more dramatic.

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Bitcoin saw relatively (for Bitcoin) stable prices of around $9,$10, during the first nine months of , before going ballistic starting in October. Late December saw BTC surpass the. It’s all about the people who are important to you. Don’t save the world and lose the girl. Save the girl and do your best to save the world afterwards. On Being A Good Example. Don’t argue . Crypto. Cardano Dogecoin Algorand Bitcoin Litecoin Basic Attention Token Bitcoin Cash. Here’s a special fuck you to all you assholes who aren’t taking this shit seriously. Fuck you. .