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Misplaced trust sarah elizabeth mobilism

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To view it, click here. Thank goodness Alex is back in prime shape! After the last book, I had to take break, it was a frustrating one to read, with all her mistakes and skewed thinking. This book more than redeems her, and moves her forward, as a person and an agent.

She effectively Thank goodness Alex is back in prime shape! I had some suspicions, but got stuck in other places about what was going on. He also works on his end to put himself on more even footing with her professional training, so sweet, and totally believable. Alexis is heartbroken, just why did Brandon leave?? In this novel we go on a journey to find out just why Brandon left and spat out "Forever" claiming her already broken heart was delusional and that everything was in her mind!!

No one understands and is there for Alexis like friends, who you really get to know in this novel providing you with a rich and colourful background to their combined lives. No matter what she refuses to give up, to stop believing in what her Wow! No matter what she refuses to give up, to stop believing in what her heart is telling her and as she tries to dig into just where Brandon has gone and what has happened she begins to discover things she never thought possible.

The sudden appearance of Harry sets her nerves on edge - Who is he? And why is he stalking her? Danger surrounds hims and yet Alexis just can't help herself In a book where lies, love and betrayal from all corners begin to crowd Alexis just who can she trust who can she turn to?

The past has a funny way of taking away everything you thought was real, can Alexis hold on or will she fall? I loved the way Sarah Elizabeth wove a web throughout this book, it kept me guessing the whole way through and even when I thought I had everything figured out she ripped the carpet right out from under my feet!! A true mystery romance novel that is written with a true insight into the characters bringing them to life.

The ending will floor you!! It is NOT what you expect or who you expect!!! I am looking forward to Book 3 which I am told is from Brandon's perspective! I downloaded my copy yesterday and finished it last night. I just had to find out what happened to Brandon and if he was going to come back to Alexis. If you haven't read the 1st book - Misjudged, then you need to read it first! I love Alexis and Brandon. They were frustrating at times because you just didn't know what was going to happen.

Sarah kept you guessing which I think is good because it made you want to keep reading to find out what was going to happ Finally Sarah! Sarah kept you guessing which I think is good because it made you want to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next!

Only now, its over and I want more!! There was some mystery, suspense and romance. Quite the mix of angst, intensity and just pure hunger! I loved it! Pissed, but right non the less Which still pisses me off!! Then I almost threw my Kindle against the wall towards the end Luckily my kindle survived! Thanks Sarah for an awesome story!