claymore ethereum dual miner update linux
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Claymore ethereum dual miner update linux ponte preta vs figueirense betting expert predictions

Claymore ethereum dual miner update linux

We will download and install the mining software, configure it for a pool and start mining. In this guide we will be mining Ethereum alone and mining it from the mining pool Nanopool. We are going to do so with a batch, or. The file below is one that we use today. It is configured to mine Ethereum from Nanopool and deposit the ether in one of our Ethereum wallets. Our batch file for mining Ethereum at Nanopool This is the batch file that we use to start single-mining Ethereum at Nanopool.

What that means is that you can also mine Ethereum as your primary coin and also mine a second coin. This needs to be a single line. Ethereum Classic mining will stop on November 6, Which miner is the best for Ethereum? We always try to help our pool community to choose the best and smartest mining software.

Plus, our Setup archive has ready-to-use mining software versions. The archive is easy to work with. Just replace the default wallet name with your own in the bat file. In our experience, they are the most stable.

Plus, they gave out the best hash rates and supported all graphics cards Nvidia and AMD. There are a lot of rumors about Claymore stealing the code from someone, Phoenix stealing the code from Claymore, Phoenix overstating the hash rate, etc. There will always be rumors. Claymore will stop working soon, so we decided to do an experiment and find the best — Ethereum miner.

They knew nothing about the experiment whatsoever. Ethereum Mining Software Fees Cryptocurrency mining software nearly always charges fees, except for Ethminer. How do mining software developers charge fees? Some programs do that in the background without disconnecting from the pool. Others need to disconnect from the pool, connect to the pool to mine the fee, and then reconnect to the user pool. For example, Phoenix charges 0.

The program connects to the pool defined by the developers every 1. One out of shares goes to the developer the fee is 0. In our experiment, all mining programs were mining the developer fee. We kept this parameter. When we were comparing mining programs, we took the fees into consideration. We estimated how many shares a user really gets when he or she uses a certain mining program. We calculate the program efficiency based on those shares that the user gets.

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