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Uk sport investing in change report width

Expansion plans are achieved either via organic growth or acquisition. This is to maintain ultimate flexibility in our business model, widen our customer appeal and be able to capitalise on the fast pace of consumer trends. As a FTSE company, we recognise and embrace that our scale enables us to make positive, lasting changes. We are passionate about extending our entrepreneurial and competitive spirit beyond financial performance to making the world around us a better place.

We always strive to do the right thing for our colleagues, our customers, and our communities. We are proud of our achievements to date, from improving conditions for workers in our supply chain to increasing our efforts and those of our suppliers to reduce the impact of climate change.

Close popup. In-play sports betting has structural characteristics that have changed the mechanics of gambling for sports bettors, as they are now able to place a larger number of bets during a single sports game as opposed to a single bet on who is going to win. It has been argued that structural characteristics of an event, including higher event frequency betting, are associated with problem gambling Griffiths and Auer ; Harris and Griffiths One of the most important differences between being able to place an in-running sports bet opposed to a pre-match bet is that the nature of the market has been turned what was previously a discontinuous form of gambling into a continuous one Griffiths ; Griffiths and Auer The gambling study literature has suggested that in-play sports betting may offer more of a risk to problem gamblers because it allows the option for high-speed continuous betting and requires rapid and impulsive decisions in the absence of time for reflection Hing et al.

Furthermore, marketing messages promoting online sports gambling have been become increasingly prevalent to media audiences Lopez-Gonzalez and Griffiths b. Sports betting is one of the most commonly promoted forms of gambling in many countries, and access to this marketing activity has been associated with sports betting problems Hing et al.

Advertisements often promote online sports betting as being easily accessible, anywhere at any time, using a mobile or other internet compatible device Hing et al. There has also been a growth in in-play sports betting advertising. For example, within a sample of British and Spanish sports betting advertisements, in-play betting was prevalent in just under half of the adverts Lopez-Gonzalez et al.

One popular form of gambling advertising is the promotion of wagering inducements. These are often inducements that are promoted during a live event, and it has been suggested that doing so may promote impulse betting, where those placing a bet have an immediate chance to place the incentivised bet via a platform Lamont et al.

Inducements promoted during an in-match sporting event have been cited as a practice that may encourage in-play impulse betting intentions Lamont et al. Gambling companies have been known to promote mobile betting over other forms of gambling in their advertisements Lopez-Gonzalez et al. A main cognitive heuristic involved in the maintenance of gambling behaviour is the illusion of control Langer ; Griffiths The illusion of control generates an expectency of success that is inappropriately higher than is objectively warranted Langer In-play sports has the potential to enhance the illusion of control because gamblers are often able to dictate the speed of play, the volume of betting, and amount of money wagered, which may enhance both psychological perception and investments of control over their sports bet placement.

Method Design and Materials A scoping study was carried out to investigate in-play sports betting. A scoping review differs from traditional literature reviews in that it is a preliminary assessment of the potential size and scope of the available research literature and there is no attempt to control for the quality of the data or where it was obtained Kavanagh et al.

Scoping reviews also tend to address broader topics where many different study designs might be applicable, rather than focusing on a well-defined research question. They may also include information from non-academic sources e. As far as the authors are aware, the present paper is the first to examine availability of literature relating to online in-play sports betting and its specific features on online platforms. The scoping study focused on the following questions: i What in-play betting features have been made available to online sports betting users?

The studies were selected if they contained the following criteria: i being published in English and ii including any information e. Furthermore, reference lists of retrieved studies were also searched to identify any additional relevant studies. A flow diagram demonstrating this process is shown in Appendix Fig. Academic papers and grey literature were examined to identify any information relating to in-play sports betting. Internet gambling websites were visited to see what features were currently available for in-play sports betting users.

The gambling websites visited were included for review if i they offered an online sports betting service, and ii it was possible to access the website in English. This resulted in a total of online gambling websites from around the world being visited and reviewed.

These were examined to understand what in-play sports betting products, if any, were available for that website. Results and Preliminary Discussion In-Play Literature After conducting a systematic literature search, papers were identified.

Once duplicate articles had been removed using Mendeley software and manual searching, papers remained. Of these, 16 papers were identified which included empirical data or theorised about in-play sports betting in the gambling study literature. Table 1 Academic papers that discuss or empirically studied in-play sports betting in alphabetical order of first author Full size table Behavioural Tracking Data Prior to , online gambling studies were predominantly based on self-reported methods and data Griffiths et al.

Since then, a number of studies have utilised behavioural tracking datasets provided by gaming operators Griffiths Datasets provided by bwin have resulted in a series of empirical contributions regarding actual online gambling behaviour Braverman and Shaffer ; Braverman et al.

Using a dataset of nearly 47, European gamblers, analyses have been conducted using two main approaches: i general behaviour descriptions of people who used one particular type of gambling product and ii behavioural data pertaining to account closures and the use of online responsible gambling features. In-play sports betting is one form of online gambling which has been examined in relation to its association with problem gambling. The remainder of this section looks at the main findings of these studies.

LaBrie et al. This was a longitudinal study of sports gambling behaviour consisting of sample of 40, subscribers, studied over an 8-month period. The aim of the study was to describe Internet gambling behaviour, which was determined by analysing three variables converted to measure gambling involvement: number of daily bets, money bet, and money won. They found that within a sample of online sports bettors, in-play sports bettors as opposed to those classified as fixed-odds gamblers who placed their bets prior to sports event starting were more likely to be categorised as heavily involved gamblers based on number of bets, amount wagers and net losses when compared to fixed-odds gamblers.

It was also noted that players other than the account holder may have bet using the online account LaBrie et al. Finally, LaBrie et al. LaPlante et al. However, this pattern was not seen amongst a sub-group of heavily involved bettors, particularly for in-play sports bettors.

Those that placed bets in-play were found to maintain high levels of betting in the period following on from the initial subscription. Several limitations of the study were noted. For example, it was not possible to determine whether the sample utilised other online gambling activities as well as sports betting outside of the bwin website.

It is possible that the decrease in gambling activity may have been because bettors moved their betting activity to a different gambling service provider. If this was the case, then it is noted that the overall gambling activity would have been underestimated. Behavioural Markers for At-Risk Gambling Studies using the bwin dataset have also aimed to identify problem gambling in its early stages. When players surpass what is considered a normal level of gambling activity, they may be categorised at risk of developing gambling problems or already engaged in too much gambling.

Some research has utilised behavioural tracking data in an attempt to identify such thresholds with the aim of detecting markers for problem gambling at the earliest opportunity. Braverman and Shaffer examined whether several gambling characteristics could serve as predictors of future gambling-related problems using a sample of in-play sports bettors who went on to close their accounts due to gambling-related problems after a 1-month period.

Four characteristics were considered when gamblers initially started betting: i gambling frequency number of betting days , ii gambling intensity number of bets per day , iii gambling trajectory the tendency to increase or decrease the amount of wagered money and iv gambling variability the standard deviation of wagers.

They found that gamblers who were more likely to close their online betting account due to gambling-related problems initially demonstrated a higher pattern of high variability, high intensity, and high variability of wager sizes when in-play gambling than the gamblers who did not report gambling-related problems upon closing their account.

Although it is not possible to determine why there was a relationship between high wager intensity and variability and gambling-related problems, it was speculated that external factors e. Although this study focused on the behaviour of in-play bettors, it was noted that some participants engaged in very little in-play betting during their first month or during the 2-year gambling period. It is possible that these bettors participated in other gambling activities e.

Subsequently, there is no clinical evidence of the participant experiencing gambling-related problems. Brosowski et al. They analysed behavioural data from 27, bwin subscribers that included the use of eight gambling products by players over a period of 7 months.

Engaging in in-play betting or poker were significant predictors of at-risk gambling after controlling for multiple game involvement. One limitation of this study is that data were not collected to confirm whether the participant gambled with any other provider or whether they were the sole user of the account.

Secondly, it is not known what marketing interventions were offered by bwin around the time of recruitment. Braverman et al. The other half of the sample consisted of subscribers who did not have an RG flag at the time of study. The analysis identified two groups of online gamblers who had a higher risk of developing gambling problems. The first group engaged in multiple gambling activities and demonstrated a high wager variability on casino games in their first month on using the gambling website.

The second group participated in two different gambling types and demonstrated high variability for in-play sports betting. One limitation of this research was the method used to describe betting behaviour. The difference in the number of bets and the stake size between the first and second half of the month were calculated and used this information to categorise the gamblers into one of three groups: stable, increasing, and decreasing.

Another limitation was that the bwin responsible gambling program is used as an indicator of gambling-related problems but has not been evaluated against clinical evaluation Braverman et al. These data were then analysed alongside online gambling patterns. After controlling for breadth the number of games an individual plays and depth as measured by the number of days spent gambling of gambling involvement, the study found a relationship between in-play betting and gambling-related problems remained.

One limitation of this research was that it utilised an online self-report survey the BBGS to assess pathological gambling. An independent clinical validation of the self-reported BBGS assessment was not provided, and the BBGS is a relatively new screen that requires further validation.

Therefore, the results were subject to limitations associated with self-report methodology LaPlante et al. Some studies have used the utilisation of online responsible gambling features by players on online gambling platforms to make inferences about online gambling behaviour including in-play betting.

Gray et al. Subscribers triggered RG interventions by engaging with bwin customer service representatives concerning various responsible gambling tools e. When gambling behaviour of the bwin subscribers was compared to a group of control subscribers, indices of the intensity of gambling activity e. A limitation of this particular study was that triggering an RG feature does not serve as a guaranteed indicator that the user has experienced a gambling-related problem Gray et al.

This supports previous research showing that those using responsible gambling tools such as limit-setting Nelson et al. However, if there is an association between engaging in in-play sports betting and disordered gambling, the direction remains unclear Gray et al. A limitation of using players who set voluntary limits as a population of study is that they may not be representative of all subscribers with problems.

Only a small subset of people with gambling-related problems actively seek help for that problem Slutske ; therefore, the researchers are limited with the conclusions that can be proposed about gambling-related problems from those who do not seek help Nelson et al. Xuan and Shaffer reported on the behaviour of in-play gamblers using the bwin dataset.

The gambling behaviour of a sample of bwin subscribers who later went on to close their account was compared to a control group of subscribers. In-play wagering patterns were a significant behavioural marker for players who then went on to close their betting account.

Those gamblers with account closures demonstrated higher stakes per bet and increased monetary losses but a more conservative betting strategy prior to closing their account. Studies by Braverman and Shaffer and Xuan and Shaffer complement the findings of one another in respect to identifying in-play betting behaviours that act as indicators to future gambling-related problems gambling.

However, there are limitations for the methodology that was used. Behaviour was only analysed for players who closed their accounts during a select period, a very small proportion of the total bwin sample 1. Only in-play betting behaviour was investigated, and it has been noted that it is likely that these gamblers also gamble on other games e.

Broda et al. Their period of analyses was longer than that of Nelson et al. However, only a small percentage of players 0. However, this was the only study that reported no difference in betting behaviour between players who placed fixed-odds bets and those who placed live action in-play bets. However, one major limitation of the study was that although the deposit limit amount that led to issuing a notification message may differ between participants, it was not possible to analyse whether different limits were associated with different effects on gambling behaviour because these data were not available Broda et al.

Self-Reported Gambling Behaviour A few studies utilising self-report methods have been carried out with the aim of attempting to identify behavioural, psychological and socio-demographic predictors of sports gamblers including those who bet in-play. Within a sample of Australian sports gamblers, more impulsive sports gamblers were found to have higher problem gambling severity scores and were more likely to place a higher number of their bets on impulse in-play sports gambling, as opposed to betting on pre-match outcomes Hing et al.

However, the authors noted that causal directions were unclear because it may be that placing impulsive in-play bets leads to the development of gambling problems, or conversely, that at-risk and problem gamblers are more likely to place impulse bets in-play.

Therefore, in-play betting may be more likely to promote impulsive behaviour, although there is currently no empirical evidence available to support this relationship Lopez-Gonzalez and Griffiths Hing et al. Sports bettors who engaged in more than one type of gambling showed higher problem gambling severity measured using the Problem Gambling Severity Index; Ferris and Wynne Higher problem gambling severity was associated with a less planned, more impulsive approach to sports betting, particularly in-play sports betting.

People who planned and researched their bets prior to an event were found to have significantly lower PGSI scores than those who did not. Limitations of this study include its use of self-report data that is subject to recall, social desirability and other biases, and that its use of cross-sectional design does not allow for the determination of causality Hing et al.

Lopez-Gonzalez et al. They examined live in-play betting, the cash out in-play feature, fantasy sports gaming, location of betting and device or platform used to make a bet. In-play betting was reported to be associated with those who were categorised as problem gamblers. They also reported that those categorised as problem gamblers used the in-play cash out feature more than those who were not. The authors provided several limitations of the study.

The first being that it relied on self-report data which can be subject to biases, including memory recall and social desirability. Secondly, the study employed a cross-sectional design, which did not allow for casual implications to be drawn from the results between the four different variables.

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 · UK Sport Modernisation Programme Report 2 The structure of this report Our report is split into nine sections. We set out below a summary of each of the sections. Introduction . Sep 04,  · Every £1 spent on community sport and physical activity generates nearly £4 for the English economy and society. The findings, which are revealed in a new report by the . The primary role of UK Sport is to strategically invest income from The National Lottery and Exchequer to maximise the performance of UK athletes in the summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games and other major championship events. While winning and being competitive at the highest level remains a priority, there is a recognition that.