the unofficial guide to real estate investing by spencer strauss free pdf
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The unofficial guide to real estate investing by spencer strauss free pdf dashback crypto

The unofficial guide to real estate investing by spencer strauss free pdf

Thanks also to my close friends for their understanding and encouragement along the way. Last, but certainly not least, a special thank you goes to Raymond Scarabosio, MPM, for his ever-lasting friendship and support. After five years, Melissa was given the tremendous opportunity to purchase the company. Having owned the company for over seventeen years, Melissa specializes in managing single-family homes and smaller residential properties specifically in Marin County, California.

She often manages only one or two small properties for a client, perhaps for a personal residence to which they plan to return, and some of these clients have become lifelong friends. Melissa owns and manages her own personal residential and commercial investment properties. In addition to her personal designations, PRANDI Property Management holds the certified residential management company CRMC designation, one of only 19 professional property management companies in the United States to have earned such a prestigious designation.

Her leadership skills and enthusiasm for helping others in the profession still keep her active with national committees and key positions. Locally, she has been chair of the property management committee for the Marin Association of Realtors several times and is currently serving on the board as a director for Fair Housing of Marin.

Exemplifying her people skills and being interested in sharing her tips of the profession, Melissa has been the keynote speaker for local, state, and national property management conferences and has written several popular workshops specifically for property managers. She has taught at the local community college and has been featured on a local television news station as a notable professional in her field. And as a landlord, you need good information.

This book begins with the basics and takes you through many different steps along the way. Aimed primarily at landlords just getting into the business, The Unofficial Guide to Managing Rental Property helps you manage and profit from your investments. You may be picking up this book with plans to purchase your first rental property.

You may be someone who has, through a series of completely unexpected circumstances, been presented with an opportunity to own a rental property. In fact, many property owners become instant landlords when jobs transfer them out of area. Believe it or not, many people who purchase and manage their own rental properties enjoy it. If you choose to go that route and manage properties for other people, you may need a license, depending on the state in which you do business.

And regardless of how many properties you manage, your rental property needs to be routinely maintained. This book covers those topics. Whatever your circumstances, you need to understand the details of property management. This book answers many of your most pressing questions. By picking up this book and reading it, taking notes, applying the systems, and heeding the advice, you will be further ahead than most landlords.

Book description This book is aimed at individual investors who own properties with four or fewer units and who typically manage rentals parttime. You find useful tips, as well as methods that are quite simple to implement and that help you manage your property efficiently and effectively. You need to have clear and concise policies and procedures in writing, and you need to follow them.

You need to use all the correct legal forms from the application, to the lease, and for the move in and move out process. This book illustrates how important it is to have good policies and procedures in place in the beginning, before any problem occurs. Remember that most problems occur due to a lack of education and to not following basic steps. When you make an exception to your own policies and procedures, you may find yourself in trouble.

Again, treat this like a business. Once you get the hang of it, you can then begin working on the exchange process see Chapter 15 and purchase more properties to add to your inventory. Special features Every book in the Unofficial Guide series offers the following four special sidebars that are devised to help you get things done cheaply, efficiently, and smartly.

The Wall Street Journal. He explains why real estate investing is a sure bet, how to find properties, and all those great things to help new investors get on their feet. A must read for any investor interested in rental properties. Loftis Many investors credit this book as the one that made them prefer multi-family units like duplexes for their investing income. Many people think you have to start with a single family home, but Lance Edwards believes you can go straight to apartment buildings.

Poorvu William Poorvu, a Harvard Business School teacher, offers his insight on how to be successful in real estate investing. Taking an approach that investing is a game, William gives great advice on how to play it right. James Randel brings a refreshing viewpoint to investing advice in this book. Using a lot of stories, humor, sarcasm, and wit, he gives great advice through success and failure stories.

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