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Lapidary museum nicosia betting

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He re one can see pieces of stone work taken from ancient palaces and Gothic churches. At present it is being rearranged by the Department of Antiquities. The outstanding exhibit is a magnificent Gothic window from a nearby palace which is shown in fig. This kind of flowing tracery is known as the flamboyant style, and was in common use in the French cathedrals of the 15th century. Mediaeval stone masons were employed by the church usually on a full time basis and they often lampooned bishops, priests, friars and fellow workmen in their stone carving.

Notice the stone faces on the left and right side of this window; very often they would represent the reigning king and queen. The water spout of a cathedral is known as the gargoyle and is the throat into which the roof water pours; hence our word gargle. Today, Famagusta Gate is a cultural Centre. Black and white photograph of workers rebuilding the Venetian Wall curtain between Constanza bastion and Podocatoro bastion.

Cyprus Archeological Museum. It was from Podocataro bastion that the Ottomans entered the city and moved towards Costanzo bastion where they desecrated the Cypriot defenders. This area was purported to be the Greek neighbourhood of the city. Famagusta Gate, black and white photograph of Famagusta Gate in Nicosia. According to Abbe Giovanni Mariti, who visited Cyprus in , if you approach the city from the southern side of the island you enter it by Julian, now called Famagusta gate.

A few years since one could not enter the city on horseback; now Europeans may do so, but Greek Christians must either alight or pay some small coin to the guard on duty. Within, on the side walls, there are some coats of arms; among them I saw one with a cross, a rare thing in countries conquered by the Turks, who have everywhere effaced this sign. As you walk around the ramparts you see many pieces of artillery bearing the arms of Venice.

The Walls of Nicosia. Strong walls defined the periphery of the city but these were shortened by the Venetians in from 9 almost to 3 miles, in view of an Ottoman attack. Whatever remained outside these walls was raised to the ground so as to be able to see the advancing enemies. According to medieval travellers, 80 churches and monasteries numerous civic buildings, houses and the Lusignan Palace were then destroyed.

The walls were built by Venetian engineer Giuliano Savorgnano, a project he never managed to fully complete and below is a moat which never held water but always remained dry. The refortification project required The new circular fortress with eleven bastions was constructed. The illustrious and rich families of Nicosia were put in charge of construction and workers in the respective bastions, and the misery of the masses facilitated their recruitment in the project being assured of an income.

Pedhieos River, Nicosia The traveler Felix Faber described the Pedhieos river as a large torrent running through the midst of the city which at certain seasons rushes down in a mighty stream. The river caused many devastating floods to Nicosia. In , during the reconstruction of the walls, the Venetians deemed it necessary to divert the course of the river outside the city.

It might be that Savorgnano meant to have the water of the river in the moat but this never happened. Granite column at Serail square, Nicosia. Serail square was also known as Konak square and was dominated by the Venetian column, symbol of the Serenissima. This column can be found in many of the Venetian colonies, bearing on top the Lion of St Mark.

The column was taken down by the Turks and kept in the Serail courtyard but was re-erected in It is a monolith of grey granite from Salamis. On the top step which supports the column is the following inscription: Fides incorrupta non pulchritude non hujus ubertas specetur incolar.

Kyrenia Gate, postcard in sepia tone by J. The description on the postcard is allegedly wrong. The Gate depicted could in fact Paphos Gate. By Mangoian Bros. You, who are capable of opening every door, open for us too an auspicious door. Some of these were of the middle age, but all were handsome; as they came on, they exposed their faces and breasts to public view, tearing their hair and weeping piteously. In the midst of the procession rode a Turk upon an ass, smoking his pipe in the most tranquil manner and wholly indifferent to the cries.

Upon enquiring the cause of this tumult, we were told that these women were all prostitutes, whom the Governor had banished the city and whom they were therefore conducting beyond the gates. Their dress was modeled after a very ancient form and highly elegant; it consisted entirely of fine white linen, so disposed as to veil at once the whole figure, unless when purposely cast aside; and it fell to the ground in long graceful folds.

Enlart The church of Tripiotis is decorated with architectural scraps of different styles and varying merits which have either replaced an important Gothic church or have been first reconstructed at the same time when the Venetians were demolishing the suburbs of Nicosia and the churches within them, around In which case the date , found near the southern door, must refer to the restoration of this church.

According to Camille Enlart, the most interesting details are to be found on the outside of the church. On the lintel is carved the upper part of a human figure emerging from two scrolls of vine leaves which he grasps with his hands. At each side is a lion passant, affronted. The friezes are carved on the edge with human figurines and on the front with birds, one lion-headed, the other human-headed, whose tails are elongated into scrolls of leaves, some lobed in side view, others spread out in frontal view in the shape of fleurons or palmettes.

In the old Imbrahim Pasha Quarter stood the Palazzo del Governo but in this was demolished by the British administration. Much of the medieval sculpture was removed to the Bedestan. In this building tragic events took place: the butchery of the Venetian governor and Cypriot notables in , when the Ottomans took over Nicosia. The trial and execution of the Archbishop and bishops in ; Then during the British period gallows were erected for executions.

Map of the Medieval Walls of Nicosia. By Kevork K. Keshishian John Locke, in , travelled to Nicosia and described the capital as follows: There dwell all the Gentilitie of the Island, and there hath every Cavallier or Conte in the Island a habitation. There is in this citie one fountaine rented by St Marke, which is bound every eight days once, to water all the gardens in the towne, and the keeper of this fountaine hath for every tree a Bizantin, which is twelve soldes Venice, and sixpence sterling.

The streets of the citie are not paved, which market it with the quantitie of the gardens, to seem but a rurall habitation. But there be many faire buildings in the Citie, there be also monasteries both of Franks and Greeks. There are still remaining in the city several magnificent houses, which are of the times of the Kings of Cyprus.

Some of them have been repaired by the Venetians, according to the rules of modern architecture. In , the Franciscans established their first monastery in Nicosia, west of Paphos Gate, possibly with the help of Alice of Montbeliard. After many turbulent events the monastery continued to flourish and in it was called a stadium generale, i.

With the Ottoman invasion the Franciscans along with other orders fled the island. But, they returned in and established themselves on the same spot where they once were and still are. In the first church was built dedicated to the Holy Cross which functioned till the end of the nineteenth century. In April a new church, financially supported by the Spanish Royal family and the Franciscan friars of the Holy Land began to be built and was inaugurated in By it acquired a friary.

The Catholic church of the Holy cross has been situated in the same place over seven centuries. Venetian house in old Nicosia now 2, Korais Street. It is not impossible it could be of that date. Nevertheless, it presents two pointed arches frames by a hoodmould with torus and fillet supported on well designed Gothic brackets that one would be tempted to date to the fourteenth or fifteenth century. An ancient house now called the Lapidary museum, was the house of George Jeffery, the first director of Antiquities during the British period.

Kyrenia Gate, Nicosia. The British cut the walls on either side and made entrances to the old city, leaving the gate in the middle of the street. Small and compact, the top rounded part was added by the Ottomans and used as a prison. Then these fell in the hands of the Turks who brought them over to Cyprus and neglected to remove them when the British took over the island. Door of a house.

French verso "Porte de maison", by Camille Enlart. This is the magnificent House of the Dragoman Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios. Dragoman means interpreter but this position in Cyprus referred to the mediator between the people and the Porte who acted as the tax collector along with the Church.

Hadjigeorgakis is the most famous dragoman of Cyprus because, being accused of embezzling taxes, he was decapitated by the Ottomans. The coat of arms is of the Podocatharo family of Greek origins, and presents a double headed eagle with a cross on its chest. Above it is the winged lion of St Mark, with an open book. Below is a row of pomegranates, symbolising fertility and prosperity.

Further below some vegetal designs which do not belong to the original coat of arms but come from an ancient carving and were used to enhance the decoration. Black and white photograph of workers rebuilding the Venetian Wall curtain between Constanza bastion and Podocatoro bastion George Jeffery in his 'Historic Monuments of Cyprus', , writes that the rampart, as designed by Giulio Savorgnano, consisted of earth, with a facing of stone half way up its height, forming a retaining wall for the lower portion.

After the siege of , the Turks, in repairing or completing the work, added a stone facing to the scarp in the style of the great sixteenth century fortifications at Aleppo and Jerusalem. The great ditch is now much filled up and even the earthwork is beginning to assume the appearance of mere irregular mounts. View from inside the Venetian walls. Foscolo Here, right by Famagusta Gate, an entrance to the city, up until the early 20th century, gathered the lepers of Nicosia and begged for food.

In the early British period, , the soldiers would lower by ropes baskets with bread and water for these poor creatures, until finally the British built a leper farm outside Nicosia for them. Freeman on Bannerbuck, police sports Captain Freeman on his Bannerbuck, at the police sports of

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Lapidary Museum in Nicosia. Lütfen Aşağıdakı Tarayıcılardan Birini Kullanınız. Nicosia Betting. Nicosia Betting. Lütfen Aşağıdakı Tarayıcılardan Birini Kullanınız. MUSÉE LAPIDAIRE MÉDIÉVAL - Nicosie - 2, Zühtüzade Sk Musée: Le Musée lapidaire médiéval (Ortaçağ Taş Eserler Müzesi) est installé dans belle une maison.