stuck between a rock and a hard place definition math
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Stuck between a rock and a hard place definition math bitcoin tax strategies

Stuck between a rock and a hard place definition math

When I speak with most Reception classroom practitioners, what emerges is that we feel as though our hands are tied behind our backs. Teaching in Reception can feel a little bit like being stuck between a rock and a hard place: more often than not you are passionate about early years and have a clear vision of what you think good practice looks like in the classroom — but then you realise very quickly that you have limited say over what goes on, as it is mainly controlled by others higher up, who, of course, also have views on how a Reception classroom should be run.

This is not to say that these people are wrong, necessarily — but it can make the experience of moderation difficult, since you may be having to carry out certain practices that are not of your own choosing. On the one hand there are those who feel it should be run very formally — not much to do with play-based learning, with lots of table and book work; then on the other hand, you have those who believe that everything should be play-based — completely child-led, with no planning and no formal teaching.

And of course there are those who sit somewhere in the middle of the debate. As you can imagine, this can cause quite a bit of friction at moderation. For me, the Reception classroom has been neglected — almost forgotten. Not only are we not able to make our own decisions but also, at times, many of us feel as if we are not respected. Some Reception teachers — myself included — have experienced being unintentionally mocked, left feeling less important than our colleagues, disconnected from our schools and early years community, with an overwhelming sense of being lost.

The reason the child is being difficult at home is because they find school a very stressful place where they're constantly put under pressure to get work finished, struggling with reading, or are fighting emotions where they've been told their work is just not good enough. They're very much aware of their limitations when they compare themselves with their own peer group. They often keep their emotions in check in school and vent their frustrations, anger, upsets at home.

The last thing they want is to come home and find its a continuation of school more reading, more work etc. When the homework, reading practise etc fails to get done at home, you are viewed, by the school, as unsupportive parents. If you go into the school asking for help etc. Although its difficult, don't give up or allow your self to be drown trodden.

Keep home as his bolt hole from the frustrations of the day. One important thing to do is to boost the child's self-esteem and confidence. Encourage him to do things he's good at. There are no quick fixes as far as progress is concerned.

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