luta completa weidman vs rockhold betting
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Luta completa weidman vs rockhold betting jean marie bettingscore

Luta completa weidman vs rockhold betting

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Rockhold breaks landing a good high kick. And a hard body kick. Nice exchange. Nice head movement by Weidman. And a hard one as they break. Rockhold lands a question mark kick and an inside kick. Weidman blocks a high kick. Rockhold lands a hard left. Lands a left. Weidman lands a left. Rockhold getting cocky. Right uppercut for Rockhold and an inside kick. Crowd chanting for Rockhold now. Lands a body kick. Weidman lands an inside kick and another.

Rockhold seems cotnemptuous. Lands a left and a right hook. Rockhold misses the questionmark kick. Weidman lands a hard body kick, that hurt. Rockhold backpedals and grins. Rockhold lands a straight left. R2 ends, Rockhold, great fight so far. R3 began and they touch gloves. Weidman lands a body kick and an inside kick. Clinch as Rockhold lands a counter right hook.

They break. Weidman lands an inside kick, and another, another. Jabs the body. Rockhold eats a right, lands a counter right hook, eats a left. Weidman gets a takedown. Sort of half-guard, stepping over. Rockhold standing. He does to the clinch, Another, they break. Weidman lands a left, eats one to the body. Rockhold lands a body kick and an inside kick. Rockhold lands a left. Rockhold lands a left and a right.

Weidman lands a body kick and another hard one. Weidman feints, Rockhold biting. And a blocked high kick, Rockhold shakes his head. Weidman tries a wheel kick, Rockhold gets him down, has the back, one hook. Turning to mount, he does. A few short rights. Blocked right elbow.

Three rights. A big right. Three more, rights and lefts. Lefts under. Weidman's cut bad. Left hands, left elbow, lefts under, Left elbows voer and over, right elbows, more, right hands, lefts, right elbows, more, more. Right elbows, oh god, vicious, more, left elbows, oh fuck. Left elbows, right elbows. Rights and lefts. More, Weidman covering up, eating rights and lefts, rights and lefts, Herb isn't stopping it. R3 ends, Rockhold, Jesus Christ that was vicious.

Herb Dean must have had orders not to stop it, what a true piece of shit he is. Bad mouse under Weidman's right eye, cut over the left. R4 began and they touch gloves. Weidman lands a body kick, feints it. Lands a right. Rockhold lands a body kick and a right. Rockhold goes for the trip, Weidman grabs the cage and gets a final warning. Rockhold stuffs a throw. Weidman thinks guillotine, doesn't get it. Rockhold gets a body lock dumping Weidman down to half-guard, A right. Weidman regains guard.

Right by the commentators, can see Chuck Liddell cageside too. That cut's open again. Rights to body. A left, hard right. Weidman thinking guillotine. Joe Proctor John Makdessi vs. Yancy Medeiros Marcio Alexandre Jr. Most likely, the event is already finished!

He averages 5. Chris Weidman Unibet vs. Rockhold has four stoppage wins in a row against some of the best fighters in the middleweight division. He hits like a truck and Rockhold has been knocked out twice before, including in his UFC debut against Belfort in Romero has solid wrestling and he has KO power.

If this fight stays upright, Romero has an edge. He averages 3. Romero has had better wins too. Demian Maia vs. Gunnar Nelson O2. Both fighters have 10 submission wins in their career and both are coming off a submission win.