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Grey label forex

Instead we suggest setting up a forex trading company , or remaining as an IB also known as an introducing broker. Secondly, in the past 15 years, technology has been the major market disruptor that allowed the retail FX industry to take off. This same technology that any white label operator now has at their disposal, would have cost several million dollars to develop in the mid to late 90s.

Today, a white label can be started at a mere fraction of the cost. To expect to access such amazing technology yet pay next to nothing for it, is simply unreasonable. If the standard white label fees are too costly, how will it be possible to afford the many other costs associated with starting a forex broker?

Secondly, the online foreign exchange forex market is an incredibly competitive industry, making it challenging to promote a business without a software brand. Not only will traders be suspicious of your grey label offering, they may end up opening an account directly with the provider hosting your grey label, thereby skipping over your brokerage altogether. The short answer is yes. The first idea would be to establish an IB Introducing Broker relationship with one of our partner firms.

Keep in mind that many established brokers started off as IBs, built a book of business, and then successfully made the transition to a full fledged brokerage. The advantage to this approach is that investment capital can be saved yet the broker still has the opportunity to generate a decent stream of revenue. Secondly, we are also able to provide your new broker with an alternative trading platform to MT4 or MT5.

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This gives in genuine people a leeway to scam traders. This is the worst nightmare of a forex broker planning to sell grey label solution to start up brokers. Everytime a broker does something bad or scammy, it hurts MetaQuotes Brand as well.

They don't like it and are absolutely right. We have never heard about it. Regulators anyways audit the businesses periodically and we doubt if they approve of Forex Grey Label Solutions over a White Label Solution. This is their revenue generation model, this is their business. We have ample set of examples where an established and regulated Forex Broker has scammed its traders.

Better negotiation with vendors like Liquidity Providers if you have higher number of traders and volume. You can get better prices. Grey Label Brokers are ultimately using your branded platform and their clients will become aware of your brand. Even if traders leave the broker for poor service or something else, they may still want to trade with you or your IB.

Introducing Broker The process of applying for and setting up an IB is simple. Fill up an IB application with the primary broker, get your unique Introducing broker ID, reference links, promotional materials and you are good to go. Grey Label is a more economical version of a White Label. This solution is more for startups who might not want to make a huge investment just yet.

In this arrangement, you obtain the Grey Label license from a Whitelabel broker and the branding of the Grey label broker is separate from that of the technology provider Whitelabel provider. Grey Label solution Though this is the more cost-efficient way of launching your new forex business, the downside of users being confused with two different brands will always be an issue when it comes to brand recognition and loyalty.

Not to mention, the dependability on them for all your technology needs, glitches, and downtime. However, when compared to an introducing broker IB , it does offer some additional benefits in terms of control over the client groups and relationships, allowing you to manage the spreads and leverage of your clients and also their deposits and withdrawals.

This solution is ideal for experienced individuals or firms who want to become forex brokers and create their own brand in the forex trading industry. White Label solution White Label solutions allow the end-user to identify with the platform as one that is owned by you and might even give the impression that it is developed by you though that is not the case.

The end-users associate all their activities with your brand and give you credit for making their transactions possible, ensuring brand recognition and loyalty. A White Label solution is the complete package with end to end technology that can be customized based on your requirements. It is the fastest way to get your forex brokerage business up and running.

You also avoid huge costs and time of setting up, testing and going live a hundred thousand dollars and a year in most cases. Also, running a full-scale forex business model involves other complications such as licensing and putting the technology together.

The White Label format allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of the entire business and prepares you for the day you have enough capital to set up and run your own independent brokerage. Compared to a Grey Label solution, White Label also offers you a larger degree of control over your business and clients.

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To get a Forex (MT4/MT5) Grey Label, you just need to pay the agreed money and share the KYC docs if they ask for it and your good to go. It usually takes just a day or two. It can be set . Grey label forex solutions are cost efficient when compared with white label forex and also effective. If you are planning to start up your own forex brokerage business, grey label forex . Grey Label Mt4 Manager is the first step of starting forex brokerage. You can change clients’ mt4 leverages and mt4 spreads while following their mt4 margin levels. You can manage deposits, .