cant buy bitcoins with bitstamp in us
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Cant buy bitcoins with bitstamp in us what happens when bitcoins reach 21 million

Cant buy bitcoins with bitstamp in us

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As of the time of this writing, Bitstamp accepts card purchases of cryptocurrencies from all EU states, most US states, and from dozens of supported countries and territories across the world. With high trading volume, support for the most popular coins, and an optimized trading UX, Bitstamp is among the best cryptocurrency exchange options in the market.

Bitstamp requires a know-your-customer KYC process to be completed before you are able to take advantage of the full functionality of the platform. You will have to provide some of your personal details if you want to purchase crypto with your credit or debit card through Bitstamp.

KYC information is typically verified by government-issued documents, utility bills for proof of address, social security number, etc. The steps below will guide you through the process of buying Bitcoin on Bitstamp.

Once the payment is processed, Bitcoin will appear in your Bitstamp account under the Portfolio section. Is buying Bitcoin with a credit card on Bitstamp safe? Buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency with a credit card on Bitstamp is generally safe.

However, it's important to make sure that you're on the real Bitstamp website and not a fake phishing site before submitting any sensitive information. You can do that by checking the URL and certificate of the website. Are there any others ways I can buy Bitcoin on another exchange? Go to your email and note both the client ID and password for your account.

Enter the relevant username and password details to log in. Secure password and begin verification When you first log in to Bitstamp, you'll see a notification saying your password is out of date. Click the link to change your password. On the new screen which loads, enter your current password in the field at the top. Next, put your new password into the fields below. You'll first be asked to choose between a personal and corporate account.

Upload your ID The next verification screen will ask you to enter your name and residential address. Make sure that your name appears exactly as it's written on your ID. Scroll down the page and enter your date of birth as it appears on your ID. You must also declare whether you're a US Citizen or resident for tax purposes.

Click no on the radio buttons here if that's not the case, obviously. Use the fields below to enter the date the ID was issued and when it will expire. This must be either a bank statement, a utility bill such as a gas bill not more than three months old , or documentation from your government such as a tax certificate. You cannot use your ID here, even if it shows your address.

Bitstamp will review the information and documents you provided. If they are valid, your account will be verified in two to three working days. You must wait for this to happen before you can buy Bitcoins. Enable two-factor authentication Enabling two-factor authentication means Bitstamp will request a special code from your mobile device when signing in or processing transactions.