10 differences between distance and displacement for kids
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10 differences between distance and displacement for kids us presidential election 2022 spread betting

10 differences between distance and displacement for kids

A physics teacher walks 4 meters East, 2 meters South, 4 meters West, and finally 2 meters North. Even though the physics teacher has walked a total distance of 12 meters, her displacement is 0 meters. Yet when she is finished walking, she is not "out of place" - i. Displacement, being a vector quantity, must give attention to direction.

The 4 meters east cancels the 4 meters west; and the 2 meters south cancels the 2 meters north. Vector quantities such as displacement are direction aware. Scalar quantities such as distance are ignorant of direction. In determining the overall distance traveled by the physics teachers, the various directions of motion can be ignored.

Now consider another example. Yes, you read it right, distance and displacement are not the same. Distance is the total length of a path through which a body moves, whereas displacement is the shortest distance between the initial and final position. The distance traveled by a body depends on the path followed by the body. Distance is a scalar quantity , thus it does not depend on the direction in which a body moves.

SI unit of distance is meter , m. Therefore, we need the following two parameters to express distance completely — unit in meter m and the numerical value of its magnitude. The length between the two points is the magnitude of displacement and its direction is from the initial position to the final position. Displacement is a vector quantity , thus it depends on the direction in which a body moves. SI unit of distance is also meter, m.

Difference Between Distance and Displacement Representation of Displacement — The displacement is a vector is represented by a straight line with an arrow. The tip of the arrow on the straight line represents the direction of displacement, while the length of the straight line on a proper scale represents its magnitude. Therefore, we need the following three parameters to express displacement completely — unit in meter, the numerical value of its magnitude, and the direction in which a body moves.

If a motion is in a straight line along a fixed direction, the magnitude of distance and displacement is equal to that of distance.

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Now, let us understand in detail distance and displacement. Distance - Understanding with an Example One day, Riya decides to go for a long drive. Instead of considering a path, she roams around the city. Here, what do you understand from this example? Now, let us understand what displacement is.

Displacement - Understanding with an Example Assume a new scenario where the same person, Riya is heading towards her office hurriedly. As she went for a long drive last night, she was tired and woke up late. She has got a very important project to do and is getting late. Now, she looks for a shortcut to reach 30 minutes prior to the daily timings, so what that shortest path is? Thus, when we consider the type of path, it is displacement.

We can measure the path an object takes and also the direction of the path. Hence, from our examples on distance and displacement, we understand that distance has just magnitude, which is regardless of the direction. However, displacement takes both the magnitude and direction of the path travelled by an object. Hence, distance is a scalar quantity and displacement is a vector quantity. Example1: A car moves 4 kms to the east and then turns and moves 2 Kms to the south, then again takes a turn moves 4 Kms to the west and then turns towards the north to move 2 Kms and reaches the point she started.

Let us find out what is the distance travelled and the displacement. The above figure represents the motion of the car. The displacement is 0. Now, the displacement is 0 because the car covered a path of 12 km during the travel, but it was not out of place when the car finished. It is in the same place where it started, so there is no displacement of motion. When we focus our attention on the direction, we notice that the 4 km travelled to the east is cancelled by the 4 Km travelled to the west, and similarly, 2 Km travelled to the south is cancelled by the 2 km travelled the north.

So, direction plays an important role in calculating displacement as it is a scalar quantity. Similarly, while calculating distance, the direction of the car can be ignored. Example 2: A person walks for m in a straight line to participate in a race. He starts from the start point and ends at the finish point. The person walks in a straight line in one direction and finishes the race.

In this example, the distance and displacement of the person are equal to m. Let us calculate the distance covered and displacement of the bus. The displacement of the car is km. Thus, distance is how much path the object has covered, and displacement is how far the object has moved from its place.

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What Are Distance and Displacement? - Physics in Motion

7/4/ · Distance: Displacement: Distance is a scalar quantity. displacement is a vector quantity: The distance between two points is the length of the path between them. . Distance is the complete length of the path taken is said to be the distance. Displacement is the shortest path between the initial and final positions. 2. Distance is denoted using ‘d’. . So, Distance= πr. And displacement is equal to the diameter or 2 times the radius of the circle. i.e Displacement = 2r. Hence distance is equal to πr and displacement is equal to 2r for the .