uncharted 2 between a rock and a hard place
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Uncharted 2 between a rock and a hard place bet mgm tn

Uncharted 2 between a rock and a hard place

However, when we talk about UnchartedIt would seem that everything is against him. For years the film lost actors and directors, giving a bad feeling. Along with this, the work of Naughty Dog was already an adventure focused on telling a story that could reach the cinema under the name of Indiana Jones 5.

Okay, Uncharted has hit theaters around the world, with Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg as Sully, in what seems to be a film that grabs the best elements of all the games available today. Is the poor reception justified? Discover the answers to these and more questions in our Atomix Review. At least half of the work is already done. Amy Hennig did a fantastic job with the Nathan Drake trilogy. Each title offers a solid adventure that does not leave a single loose end, but gives rise to more installments.

Similarly, Uncharted 4 He was in charge of giving greater depth to the characters that we love so much. However, an issue arises that complicates this process. If you already experience these stories while playing, why should you see them in the cinema?

See also Rogue Legacy 2 has a release date and a new trailer. The first chapter for free on the Epic Game Store The solution was a pastiche that takes various iconic elements from the four main games, but with different characters. I mean, the emotional journey and personality that these two offer is new to everyone. However, throughout the adventure we see how these two versions of the characters change little by little to the point that by the time the credits roll, you can make a vague relationship between these new interpretations, and the classic work.

Adding to the confusion, the interactions between Holland and Wahlberg feel forced. This is not the fault of the actors. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg do a great job. The boy who also plays Spider-Man does come to feel like a young bounty hunter who is more excited about solving a mystery than getting the gold. However, more than his skills in the art of drama, it is his charisma that manages to win over the public, and I would like to see what these two actors can do with material more in line with their counterparts in video games.

Outside of Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, the rest of the characters present in the film are carbon copies of their counterparts. The only difference with Chloe Frazer is her age, since she is on a par with Tom Holland in the movie. On the other hand, those who are new, like Braddock and Santiago Moncada, come to feel like copies of the villains of the series, but limiting themselves to only being cartoon antagonists and with such simple motivations that they do not leave any impact on the viewer.

However, the greatest fun in the amusement park is not in the waiting lines, but in the attractions and games. An entertaining tour Uncharted begins with a recreation of the iconic action scene from Uncharted 3, only instead of Drake hanging from a plane as he flies over the desert, we see Tom Holland over the ocean. Immediately, the film manages to captivate the viewer in a way similar to that Uncharted 2 he did it at the time. After a couple of hits, we are transported to the past, before all the chaos, where we are formally introduced to the protagonist and his brother, Sam, in a similar way to what is seen in Uncharted 4.

At the end of this part, we move once in time, this time we see Nathan working as a bartender, and stealing jewelry. On the ledge, climb up onto the top of the train car, then jump up to the ladder to the next train car. Once you enter the train, the train will begin to slip off the cliff, and you'll have a limited amount of time to run through the car and jump out the other side. Through the wreckage[ edit ] After a cut scene where you'll meet Flynn and Chloe and get introduced to the Marco Polo job, you'll be back in control of Drake in the mountains.

Head right toward the glinting light in the snow for the first treasure, the Wrathful Deity Statue. Head through the gap just left of the burning tree, then go straight forward and squeeze between the pipes at the end. Don't worry about the arcing power line, it can't reach you. Approach the dead body and pick up the gun with , then go beyond him and pick up the Saraswati Statue.

Next to the body, get close to the sliding door and press again to open it. Enter the car and move through it, jumping the wooden gate and picking up the extra ammo if you've fired your weapon. A the end is a chained door. Shoot the lock by aiming with and pressing to fire. Now you can open the door.

Before stepping out, aim outside up above you and shoot the body there once to reveal a treasure glint, and again to drop him down. You'll get the Tibetan Snuff Bottle. Head to the right to find a guard around the corner. You can engage him, or just wait for the car behind him to explode, taking him out. Keep moving past him, then kick the metal door open with.

Jump up the wooden crates in front of you, then scale the small ledges on the wall above them. At the top, jump over to the train below you, then jump off the rear platform behind you. Keep going in that direction off the metal crate and into the snow to find the Bhutanese Lime Box. Jump back up the way you came, then go through the train car.

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Sports parlay betting calculator horse This uncharted 2 between a rock and a hard place the real amusement park. We climb onto the second carriage, on the edge of the cliff, then we run through the carriage and leap out of it as the train falls over the edge. Nate leaps from one carriage to the next. Of course, some fleuves are indeed masculine in French, such as the Danube and the Nile, but the largest South American fleuve, the Amazon, is feminine in French. Shoot the lock by aiming with and pressing to fire. Nate, who knew Chloe as an old flame, was a bit surprised to see her but kept quiet about their history when she pretended that they never met.

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